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Hello everyone, please call me Dawn ^-^ She/her
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
If you are contacting me for possible project work, please message me on CCC first and send me your discord so that I can be aware ahead of time that you will be sending a friend request. I will no longer be accepting random friend requests on discord due to spam trolls, etc. If you wish to contact me because you have questions relating to my projects/casting call or just want tips on directing stuff in general, please reach out on CCC thank you! :)
Hello everyone! My name is Dawn (she/her) and I am the head director of Ceragon Dubs! Please do not call me sparkly unless we are close friends, please and thank you. Ceragon dubs is pretty much a production that focuses on bringing otome games and comics to life via voice acting. At the moment, the dubs the production and I are covering are otome games from the company NTT Solmare. I also have plans to introduce new (but short) project...
Skills and Interests: aether impression amateur writer animation Artist art sketching art style matching asmr asmr roleplay assistant audio editing (basic) character art character impressions coloring colorist comic aritst comicdubbing comic dubbing comic editor composing composing (beginner) composing for film composing music content creation creating thumbnails creating writing creative creative writing descriptive writing dialogue script writing digital art digital artist digital artwork digital drawing directing directing assistance drawing anime drawing/sketching dubbing script emotional emotional acting emotional voice acting fanfiction film music gentleman hobby artist imitating voices imitation impressionist impressions inking knight leadership leadership abilities lineart Lumine Impression main character managing medium medium high model animation music composing music making photo editor plot writer princess production management project management project managing proof reading and writing proofread scripts protagonist romance writing rough art sketches screen/script writing screenwriting script script writer script writing script writing (basics) script writing/editing shading and coloring short story writing singing singing (basic) sketch art sketch artist sketching sketching/drawing skilled writer soundtrack soundtrack composition storyline writer story writing team management teamwork thumbnail artist thumbnail maker traditional artist traditional drawing typing typing quickly typing scripts video animation video creator/editor villain voice acting Voice Match voice matching witch Writers writing short stories writing/typing
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Director, and Producer
Hello there, nice to meet you!!

Background I am known as the "Kid" with many names, (Zephyr, Amicha, Eamii, etc. whichever you prefer) but I am, and always will love voice acting and the process that goes into completing a project. I love editing, I love meeting new people, and I love knowing that there is a whole website where people can find others that share the same passion that I do. I hope I can get to know as many people as I can!Voice Acting
My vocal range, lies between a young male (around 10-12 years of age), to a grown man (over the age of 30). I have never auditioned for a female role, so I can't say I can fully do one.
Video EditingI am a YouTuber, who has a basic knowledge of Video editing from a multitude of different projects. I've done some Comic Dubs, music covers, Video Game FanDubs, as well as some Montage Videos.(I'm looking into editing some abridged...
Speaks: english
Accents: north american
Skills and Interests: comicdubbing video editing
I edit videos and scripts, voice act, storyboard and create concept art or can be an art director. 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Director, and Producer
I do freelance work outside of my underpaid irl job.
I edit videos and scripts, voice act, storyboard and create concept art.
I have a degree in Integrated Media: Film 
Search all 7924 producer comicdubbing profiles