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A guy who does silly ha ha voices, such fun.
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Studied radio and voice acting at university and looking to do some more voice work
Speaks: english
Voice Actor/Writer/Podcaster with a background in live theatre. 
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hey there! I'm Kyle Billie, I've been working in Theatre as a Performer/Creator for over a decade, and working as a Voice Actor since 2018. 
Most of my Voice Acting experience thus far has come from narrating audiobooks and  but I am also capable of performing more character based voices. My voice ranges from upbeat whimsical boyish tones, to a deep smooth baritone hum, allowing me to play a wide variety of characters and hopefully provide the voice you're looking for!

I am also the creator, writer, and audio engineer of The Rad(io) Shorts podcast. A passion project started in 2021 that features short scripts being performed by talented up-and-coming VA's.  Check us out on Spotify to see samples of writing/performing, from myself as well as many talented guests. 
If you would like to Contact me I can be reached on Discord at kpbillie#0828
Versatility is my middle name! Official profile for Karina Leigh.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi!! My name is Karina and I am an Actress, Artist, Singer, and Writer. 
I have acted in plays such as "Black Nativity", "Shuddersome: The Tales of Poe", "The History of Tom Jones", and most recently starring as Nurse Evers in "Miss Evers' Boys" by David Feldshuh. I’ve had my fair share of acting on stage which has given me the best tools to conquer Voice Acting!

I started voice acting in March of 2020 and have discovered it to be one of my biggest passions. Everyday I work towards bettering the quality of my auditions and my work.

I have been drawing since I was 12, focusing on stylized art, animated characters, settings, and realistic pieces. In the last year I have ventured into the world of digital art, focusing on animation. Drawing is another huge passion of mine and I constantly work to fill my portfolio.

Singing has been a constant in my life since I w...
Voice actor, singer, writer, and graphic designer.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor actor & singer with over 7 years of theatre experience. Female voice 10-20 y/o.Graphic Designer who’s been an artist since birth, 3 years of formal art training.Content designer/writer with multiple writing competition wins. Business inquiries: jmkpva @ gmail .comTimezone: CST (UTC-06:00) (GMT-06:00)I am currently in university and thus have limited availability to record. This just means you would receive a whole lot of files on a weekend as opposed to a few on a weekday.
Just trying to put my silly voices to good use.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
As a nerdy mother of two, I often read stories to my kids using different character voices, and enthusiastically supply narrations for long expositions in games. I enjoy running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, utilizing my voice acting skills to bring the world to life through various side characters and npcs. I am fascinated by all the elements that go into a production and would be able to offer art and animation skills as well, having graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Media Arts and Animation.I would do well in a multitude of genres (fantasy, adventure, scifi, and anime, to name a few) and have the ability to sing in-character, should the need arise.
VO veteran of over 15 years, professional equipment and sound treated studio. International upbringing gives a knack for accents.
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, Producer, and Live Actor
I've been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years after graduating from Boston University's School of Theatre Arts and the London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). In that time I've been on both sides of the camera and the voice booth- having worked on commercials, videogames, audiobooks, movies, television, Reality singing competitions (seriously!), and so on et cetera ad Infinitum. Voice-over is my happy place and my passion. I've had enough good fortune in the industry to allow me to build out my own studio and so if I can work without having to leave the house, then that's pretty awesome. I grew up in Europe and Australia and have been mimicking voices since I was a kid so there are a lot of accents floating around in my head.
Speaks: english
Myles / Moth
What's up, party people?!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hello! My name is Myles, but I also go by Moth. I'm a beginner voice actor, as well as an artist, aspiring entomologist, and many other things.𓆣 I'm 16𓆣 I am a trans man who uses he/him pronouns and other masculine terminology.𓆣 I don't plan on doing any paid work, since I am mainly looking for projects that will give me experience and something to put on a resume.
Speaks: english
We enjoy making Minecraft Machinimas!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
I have a huge passion for acting! Some of my favourite shows are Doctor Wh, Good Omens and Heartstopper. Since making previous videos, I have learnt a lot more in terms of writing (Such as panning out a story and Character Development) and I am now in a happier place then I previously was! :)
Hi! I'm a writer, director, actor, and artist currently producing an animated pilot.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hi there! My name is Cecil or Jammy (he/him), you can find me on Instagram @bam_jammy or contact me on Discord DartzBoard5777 (NOTE: I do not accept friend requests unless I receive a notification from Casting Call Club or already know who you are)I am an artist, animator, writer, director, and actor hoping to kick off my career sooner rather than later. Hopefully pursuing all of these passions!I can do a wide variety of voices and artstyles. I've been acting and drawing for practically my whole life, though most of my acting experience comes from stage acting, and I'm relatively new to voice acting comparatively. Still I am very passionate and will work hard to get things done quickly and professionally!I am currently 17 years old, meaning I will not do 18+ projects under any circumstances.I also host my own fair share of projects on here, as I love to create!I am firmly anti-AI. I w...
Halo Gray
Austrian writer, artist and actor with a dream to voice act!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Hello! I'm Halo – I'm non-binary (my pronouns are any pronouns except for she/her), 23 years old, from Austria and a passionate actor, VA, writer and artist!
I speak 2 languages fluently (English and German). My hobbies include all the things listed so far, as well as TTRPG (specifically Dungeons & Dragons), indulging current hyperfixations and being social.
I'm naturally very enthusiastic and easily excitable about projects and new ways of widening my horizon in terms of experiences in my listed fields!
Voice actor providing professional and unique voice-over recordings for your projects!
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
DISCORD: X___STARDUST___XHi, I'm Liv! I provide professional and unique voice-over recordings, and I'm available for voice work of all types - video games, cartoons, commercials, corporate training videos, IVR phone system recordings, and everything in between - both in the United States and internationally. My home base is a little studio in the Pacific Northwest, which is furnished with a soundproof booth and professional, high-quality recording equipment. I'm available for on-site work, as well.I specialize in female (adult, teen, child) and male (child, teen) voices in an array of accents - particularly Standard American (my native accent), Southern/Southeastern American, Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley American, Received Pronunciation/BBC British, and Cockney British. I'm able to do various other accents, as well - just ask! I can perform all types of voices - cute, friendly, ang...
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Director, and Live Actor
Hey there! My name is John, I'm pretty new to the voice acting game but looking to do it mostly for fun. I have a Batchelor's Degree in Theatre Arts with 3 semesters of advanced acting classes plus stage experience, as well as substantial directing experience. I've also done a bit of podcasting (check out @Mousational wherever you get your podcasts). I've always had a passion for video games and animation and am hoping to contribute whatever I can to those artistic endeavors.
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
20 Year Old, professionally trained voice actor and actor.Most experience with voice over especially for fictional characters, typically energetic/noble characters.Although I operate out of my room I still work hard to provide the best recording quality possible.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult male teen
Amelia/ Sprite- like the 90's pictures of video game characters- not the soda
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hi! I'm Amelia- or Sprite! She/they pronouns please :)
my discord is @spriteandnicotine<323 y/o :)WIP's: 1
Turned in lines: 2 projects :D just waiting for those to get published :)
Speaks: english