BAM! Jammy

BAM! Jammy

Hi! I'm a writer, director, actor, and artist currently producing an animated pilot.

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About BAM! Jammy

I am currently not accepting/auditioning for roles.

Hi there! My name is Cecil or Jammy (he/him), you can find me on Instagram @bam_jammy or contact me on Discord DartzBoard5777 (NOTE: I do not accept friend requests unless I receive a notification from Casting Call Club or already know who you are)

I am an artist, animator, writer, director, and actor hoping to kick off my career sooner rather than later. Hopefully pursuing all of these passions!

I can do a wide variety of voices and artstyles. I've been acting and drawing for practically my whole life, though most of my acting experience comes from stage acting, and I'm relatively new to voice acting comparatively. Still I am very passionate and will work hard to get things done quickly and professionally!

I am currently 17 years old, meaning I will not do 18+ projects under any circumstances.

I also host my own fair share of projects on here, as I love to create!

I am firmly anti-AI. I will not participate in any projects that utilize AI in any way.


I do not have any specific pricing, I will do unpaid projects or projects of any payment variety.

What BAM! Jammy is looking for

I like to be part of unique, original animated projects, or projects in a unique medium. I'm looking for fellow creatives to work with!