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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Artist
Just a 21 year old doing what she loves!
I've grown a passion for voice acting when I was 15, and although I love it, I don't think I'm meant to be one. But I still want to be connected to it! Therefore, I decided that I will try and English Dub beloved otome games into English! 
I'm aspiring to be a voice casting director! And I'm hoping choosing fitting voices for beloved characters in otome games can help me reach the first step of that goal and give me a bit of experience! And this is not only to help my goal, but I hope my small passion projects such as dubbing otome games into English can help give fresh, aspiring voice actors a chance to work in a project to at least get somewhat of a basic feel as they themselves climb the steps of success!
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: singing voice acting
Just a small creator with a big creative dream. I’m a disabled, lesbian YouTuber, creator, actress (stage, screen & VA), animator, singer & cosplayer. What’s the best mode? #chutubemode!!!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Producer, and Live Actor
About MeI’ve been on YouTube since August 2011 (formally known as “Pikachuie1500”)I’ve been performing since I was a kid, thanks to Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. Now I’m currently studying a BA (hons) degree at university, after a year on hiatus (thanks to the pandemic) from gaining a double Merit Pass grade at The Isle of Wight College (IW College).I’m mostly known for making animated films, with a few odd vlogs here and there, and I’m hoping to develop some animated series’ with the characters I created.In my spare time, I volunteer and fundraises for the charity Ability Dogs 4 Young People (1154896), who are training assistance dogs for disabled children and young adults on the Isle of Wight. 
What I’ve done in the past:Acting:Multiple roles (Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, 2006 - 2015)Background character (A Journey to Myself, Croydon Youth Arts Summer Project Film, 2015) https://y...
Speaks: english
I'm very passionate about what I do and will share the passion for your projects!
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Hello! I'm Gracen (HE/THEY), a pre-t trans-masculine amateur voice actor, self-taught digital artist and occasional streamer. I've been practicing voice-acting for a few years now and would love to work with you.

Here is a Youtube playlist of my VA work!

Discord:  grcnexe
Speaks: english
I’m mostly known for SOUTHPARK au comics I make on instagram (lol) but I’ve been trying to expand as a creator as I enjoy horror series and making my own character! This game me the idea for this series as it’s something that‘s been lingering my mind for a while.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Writer
ENFJminorwriter & artist Working on a southpark au comic on instagram
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: digital drawing
I'm trying :>
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and Writer
Hey there! I'm Kyra, nice to meet you. (Well since you're reading I guess I mean thanks for reading.)I'm a content creator that makes all sorts of content from animation memes to stories. Despite it being a few years since I've made stories, I've just been writing behind the scenes and improving as time goes by! 
Contact Info:Email (Gmail) kyrakesshoDiscord: kyra.kessho / Kawaii Kessho#4617Twitter: KyraKesshoInstagram: kyra_kessho
Speaks: english
Yeah.  Me
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Writer
Yuna/meimei yuna/daiyuna/daiyu/dai. I'm known by too many names and idek what I want my pen name to be.15 year old writer? worker idek
Skills and Interests: 2d/3d artwork 2d animation 2d art adaption writing amateur artist amateur comic artist amateur lyric composition amateur lyricist amateur musician amateur video editing amateur voice acting amateur writer amateur writing animatic artist animation art direction art sketching audio engineer (music) audio mixing audio mixing/editing audio recording/mixing/editing background music cartoon animation cartoon voices character animation character art character artist character design character designer character writer comedic voice acting comedy writing comic aritst content writing creating writing creative creative development creative direction creative solutions creative thinking creative writing deep deep vocal range deep voice deep voices descriptive writing dialogue script writing dialogue writing different pitches of voice different voices different voices and some impersonations diffrent piched voices digital drawing drawing (anime/manga style) editing/proofreading emotional voice acting film music game music gaming and voice acting huge character voice range intermediate audio and video editing japanese translation korean long range voice lyrics lyric writing make videos manga manga art manga drawing Manhua manhwa mimicking voices minor video editing mixing and editing mixing and mastering mixing/mastering music music mixing original voices parody lyrics plot development plot outlines plot writer possibly writing scripts producer/writer/voice actor producing music proof reading proof reading and writing proofread scripts raspy voices rough translating script script editing/proofreading script writer scriptwriting short story writing sketching/drawing skilled writer sound mixing staff storyline writer transcripting translation video video animation video creating video creator/editor video editer video editing vocal mixing voice voice acting voice acting (beginner) voice over voice over acting voice overs witing lyrics writing lyrics writing song lyrics | Needing a crazy, cat-loving, Felix Hugo Fraldarius Simp, Co-Director who is willing to do any work you assign? Need someone who is pretty good at writing fantasy? Well, you're in luck, 'cause I'm your girl!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
☽★☽★☽★☽Greetings, I'm Mira_Mocca, but I prefer you call me Mira. I'm an American teen Director and Content Creator on YT that has been in the business for about a year now.I've been interested in being a Content Creator for as long as I can remember, always wanting to tell a story to someone or to make them smile. I've been self-teaching myself writing techniques from all over the world for 5 years now, knowing writing styles like the back of my hand, easily able to change depending on what I'm writing. I'm not as new to directing and content creation as you might think, but rest assured, I'm passionate about everything I bring to the table. If you ever need help with a project, just give me a shout; I'm sure I can help.
Pronouns: She/Her | Female
While I might be adept at writing in various styles, I currently can only speak one language, so I hope to expand upon th...
Voice Description: child female adult female child female senior female teen female young adult male adult male teen male young adult pokemon adult Aloof anime Annette anxious Arrogant Ashe audiobook Axel/Lea Balthus Balthus von Albrecht Barbara Bernadetta Bernie Blunt bold brash bright Byleth (Female) Byleth (Male) calming caring casino Caspar Celeste Ludenburg Celestia Ludenburg Cheerful cheery child Childe (Tartaglia) Childish Claude clear Cocky Cold Considerate Constance von Nuvelle Dainsleif Dedue deep Defensive Determined Dimitri Dorothea easygoing Edelgard Emotional Entitled fantasy Felix Felix Hugo Fraldarius Ferdinand von Aegir Fierce gruff Hapi Hilda Himiko Toga Hinata Hyuga Hubert Hushed Ienzo Ignatz Ingrid Isa Itachi Uchiha Jean joking Junko Enoshima Juzo Mido kind King Knowledgeable Lazy Leonie Linhardt Lisa (Genshin Impact) Lively Lorenz Louis Amamiya Lucy Heartfilia Lysithea Manipulative Marianne Marth Mature Max mittleman Mercedes Mercedes (Fire Emblem) Mondo Owada Moody motherly Mute Naruto Naruto Uzumaki Natsu Nico Robin Noble Noelle Silva Ochako Uraraka Outgoing Petra Playful Preppy Prideful qiqi quiet Raphael Razor relaxed Rhea Riku Robbie Daymond rude Saix Sakura Sakura (FE) Sarcastic Sassy Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha sayaka maizono seductive Seiros serious Sharp Sleepy snarky Snobbish Soft soothing Sothis spontaneous Stern stoic Striking Sweet Sylvain tired Tomboyish Unphased warm Worn Xiangling Xiao Yakumo Shinonome Yao Momo Yasuhiro Hagakure young Yuno Yuri Leclerc Zexion Zhongli
Hello! My names Ashfault, also known as Ash.I’m a content creator and an Artist/Animator who does what they love! I sing and write as some of my hobbies and write my own novels. Feel free to check them out in the link in my YouTube, along with my Twitter and Twitch!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Writer
Name: Ashfault or Ash
Experience: I’ve acted for 7 year on various films and have been an animator/artist for 5 years. I have been trained for most of my career as an actor and am an untrained animator, artist, singer and writer.
Examples: You can find examples of my work on my YouTube channel Ashfault Productions. Im writing my own novel currently as well.
Speaks: english
It's Monday already? You know what that means.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Music Composer
I'm Vee, a gal who likes to make games, videos, music, and more!
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: adobe animate
I am a Artist, Writer, Director, and Producer
Welcome to LeMyasComics&BooksHere you can audition for trailers for my books and comic books... I even do live-action trailer films too! So, if you want to do a live action in the future or now; I will be open for chances. 
Youtube: productions:
Hello My name is Interrupting Panda:)I like to Draw and watch and make Analog Horror *that is still in progress*.I like Animation and Cartoons.
I am a Artist, Writer, and Director
Hello My name is Interrupting Panda:)I like to Draw and make Analog Horror *that is still in progress*.I like Animation and Cartoons. I like Cupcakes and Churros. My favorite animals are Panda's and AxolotlsI'm also planning on making many animated series that can be created sooner or later as animation or any animated film movies anyways see you Toon!!