Sam Velasquez

Sam Velasquez

Hello there! My name is Sam Velasquez and I am an aspiring Artist, Writer, Graphic Designer, and Animator (2D/Traditional) who has a passion for Television, Cinema, Screenwriting, Art, Animation and Graphic Design.

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About Sam Velasquez

A little bit about me: I am a first-generation Latina and Queer college graduate, who has an artistic and creative passion for the entertainment and art world!

My skills: I have had experiences with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Final Draft, and GIMP. My film background includes being a production assistant, art production assistant, a event production stagehand, and an editor, while my art background includes graphic design, illustration, animation, traditional art, and curating my own art exhibit.

Check out my portfolio if you are interested in any/all of my skills!

(Note: if you would like to know about my scriptwriting/screenwriting skills, please reach out for more details!)

  • @sparkly6262

    I have worked alongside Sam for quite a few projects. Although she is still quite new to voice acting, she can easily change tones and voices. She can sound like two completely different people! Her acting is flawless, giving the character so much depth and bring them into life. You definitely will not regret casting her, because she won’t disappoint you! She can do also do a very good Hispanic and Russian accent. She does an amazing at doing a “Rayne” in Ceragon Dubs.

  • @zaydin47

    sssmjsjr is a wonderful voice actress. She played Madeleine in my production of master of eternity fandub for the past year. She was able to play the perfect level of bashfulness and offensive capability with this character and took criticism very well. She was very good at communicating her situations as well as getting in the lines with multiple takes. It was an honor working with her.

  • @vms23

    I'm working with Sam to correct my scripts and I feel very satisfied. She arranges and writes very well and is very responsible in deliveries. She's also very kind when it comes to talking and giving guidelines, so I highly recommend working with her! 😊💖