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I'm good at talking, but I'm bad at talking about myself! I've been working in the retail and business travel industry for a long time, but it's time for something new, since that industry is going to be recovering for years.

I've always used my voice for effective communication, either on the phone with clients, performing and running improv events at conventions, or singing in one of the many bands my friends and I put together to jam in. 

I'm natively fluent in English. I've got a baritone range, though I can sink into the bass FM radio voice if necessary. I can read and speak French with a good accent, but I'm not skilled enough in French to extemporize. 

I'd love to work on animation projects, but I'm most comfortable doing things like voiceover work. I've been doing the voiceovers for the videos on my cooking channel on YouTube since January 2017. I also have some limited video and audio editing abilities, and I'm working on teaching myself new skills in both of those sectors.

  • @cyanchannel

    Daniel is an outstanding VA, not only did he complete his lines long before they were due but he also managed to edit them nicely. I will not forget to mention that he spoke in a language that he wasn't very strong in but still sounded great! I am happy to have him on the team and hope to have him voice act for many other projects to come.

  • @sparkly6262

    Daniel is someone who will put their all into any role they have been given! Daniel has done a ton of voice work for me, and ever since we've been working together not once has he failed to deliver high quality lines. Daniel takes direction very well, and has excellent time management skills; so his lines are never late, allowing him to have a very quick turnaround time. Lines are pretty much always completed shortly after they've been assigned! Daniel truly goes above and beyond for his roles, and will even do as much research on the character as possible so that he knows as much as possible, allowing him to accurately portray the character. Daniel’s voice also is perfect for narration, as the way he delivers lines helps keep the audience engaged. He is a very talented individual who is very easy to work with and follows directions incredibly well to the T! If you're looking for a dedicated member with an amazing voice, he's your guy!