I'm just kind of here.

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About Snoozy

Trained actor, amateur voice actor, vocalist. I got out of acting for awhile and now I guess I'm back. 

My hiatus is officially over. I am free to start auditioning for projects again.

  • @jsaking11

    Working with her on a few projects. She's a super talented, super kind, and super funny person to work with. Not to mention she is a great singer as well. Always a pleasure working alongside you. 

  • @wolfie3423

    They are an incredible voice actor and one of the nicest people to work with! They are cooperative and have such an amazing vocal range! A delight to work with!

  • @skul

    Was incredibly professional, able to meet deadlines quickly, and most of all, VERY talented!

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Snoozy is such a wonderful voice actor! I worked with her on one of my Final Fantasy Fandubs ( She takes direction well, is an absolute pleasure to work with, and delivers her lines on schedule! She has a range of voices for various types of characters and is able to deliver her lines with strong emotion (she managed to make one of the most annoying characters incredibly endearing and lovable). I would 100% recommend her for any casting director! I greatly look forward to working with her again.