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Hey my names Shion and i'm a mini voice actor just trying to do fun things to get myself more involved and push myself to be more out there social wise.  

I'm a very friendly person and I try really hard to make sure that when i'm casted as a role I follow through with due dates with lines and I take time to make the voice acting perfect for you. 

I alot have said that I work really well with directions and it's because I make sure that I do everything I can to make everything just right. 
I seriously don't have the best singing voice yet I still want to do covers and sing with other people. 

Also I have a youtube account and it's also called ShiOtome Ka if you want to see the weird stuff I do on there~ 

  • @jealous-simulator-project

    Hello,I'm making a fan game of Yandere Simulator called Jealous Simulator (as a name pleace-holder) I really liked your voice. If you are interested could we talk to Discord? here: Boberu Yanderu#2631

  • @tarrelion

    ShiOtome K did amazingly! I got the lines back to me moments after sending through the script! Would definitely work with Shion again.

  • @batbanana

    Shion is such a great voice actor, who records her lines really well, willing to rerecord or re-audition in different ways. A real great member of a team, and has quite the awesome voice. She's so awesome, and real easy to get along with.

  • @myashii

    ShiOtome Ka is incredibly talented and fun to work with. She's patient and dedicated to her role! Acting wise, she knows how to express the character's personality when the character undergoes difficult times. Very Impressive!

  • @lachlan_megatrio

    Brilliant! I've worked with her twice; on the first version of a Fairy Tail abridged project that didn't end up getting released, then adapted to be better, and on an Adventure Time parody. She played Happy (her voice was great!) and she played Lady Rainicorn and Tree Trunks. I was absolutely blown away with her delivery of the Korean for Rainicorn's lines and I loved how she was able to capture the ridiculousness of having a promiscuous old lady (Tree Trunks). She's punctual and lovely to talk with. I'd highly recommend her!