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About BatBanana

Hello! I'm Amber, a fairly young and aspiring voice actor. 

I've fairly shy and honestly am not sure if I have an obvious accent or not. If you ever think I do and wish me to change it up, just let me know! 

I'm a geeky nerd, rolled in with an otaku and musical theatre fan, and I will audition for mainly any project that I find that looks interesting! If you wish for me to audition for a specific project, just send me a message. 

I am happy with acting, singing, and though I'm not the best at it, I will be perfectly fine with doing any rapping as well. 

Though I know I don't have the best equipment, I do have a microphone, and I edit stuff together in Garageband. Not very professional, I know, but they still get the job done. 

Thanks so much!