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About dayss

// About Me \\
Name: Dayss
Nickname(s): ve
Age: 13+
Gender: Female (she/her)
Timezone: PST

I'm Dayss! An Asian American aspiring voice actress! I mainly do medium ranged characters but I'm opened to all types of characters! I've always wanted to make characters come life ever since I was little. I'm quite shy in real life and even though I’ve participated in many theaters, stage fright is still my worst enemy. That’s where voice acting came in handy. If I'm being honest, confidence is not my specialty, so voice acting has helped me a lot! 
My voice range is horrible but I'm still going! haha~ I'm still working on my range and emotions but feel free to look through my auditions!
Check out: VA Work

//Voice Acting \\
Voice Pitch: Soprano - Med
VA Experience: 2 year+
Stage Experience: Over 3 years
Offers?: Check out pricing!

Voice Pitch: Med-High (preferably)
Experience: Over 7 years

Discord: ve#1309
Youtube: D_ayss
CCC: ahem You're Here!

// Projects I'm In \\
Might be outdated
Dayss's Projects!

Thanks for reading my page!


Payments are not necessary since I am a minor.
// ♪~ Requirements ~♪ \\

Don't ask me about your project in public, dm me instead
♪~ Make sure your project is ORIGINAL
(if your project isn't original, at least make sure it isn't a copy of another project)
♪~ Only message me about YOUR own project  
♪~ I'm only accepting offers that have a role for me in the project already
(meaning I don't have to audition)
♪~ Answer the questions below 

I will only answer those who answer the following: 
What category does your project fall in? (Gacha, Minecraft, etc)
Is this project original? (Own concept/storyline)
Who will I VA?
Can you tell me more about this character?
What pitch/tone do you want?
What is their importance in the story?

Can you send any prior work you've done?
What is the storyline?
Will I be paid/Is this a paid project?
Is there a chance you'll cancel the project?

No further questions will be asked unless I need to!
// ♪~ NOTE ~♪ \\
I do NOT work in NSFW or 18+ projects!
I am FULLY dedicated to every project that I'm casted in!

  • @starrytchi

    Dayss is a really talented voice actor! I really was impressed when I received her lines for my movie I'm working on! She followed my guidelines for my lines perfectly and got them in on time! You guys should really consider her. Not to mention she's super nice too!

    - Director Nova

  • @_chxspin

    My gosh, Dayss is amazing! She hands her lines on time, and her expressions are amazing!