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☆ Mini Biography
Amanda J. Greywolf
(a.k.a. Sakasa Jin'ei) was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983.

As a child, Amanda was introduced to anime through YTV, a Canadian youth television station that launched in 1988, which she still tunes in to from time-to-time. She grew up watching Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs, which was her first introduction to anime following: Samurai Pizza Cats, Technoman Blade, Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing.

During her final years in high school, she aced drama classes and was enamored with becoming an actress. And in May of 2008, she was introduced to fan dubbing after stumbling across an unofficial dub of Loveless, which encouraged her to pursue her career in online voice overs. She's been fan dubbing ever since.

In 2015, she received her diploma in both Acting and Voice Acting at SchoolCreative: Institute of the Arts and has gone on to study stand-up comedy and improvisation.

Amanda resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

☆ Random Tidbits

- Self-taught sound editor with 12 years of experience. Check out her YouTube.
- Participates in and produces fan dubs and is branching out to part-take in parody series.

- Is an animal lover and wants a dog, but settles for a cat instead for their independence.
- She doesn't know how to cook, let alone boil water and is known to burn macaroni. 
- Doesn't know how to use a touchscreen ph; often mistakes app icon for dial pad. 

☆ Credited as
S.J., Sakasa J. Sakasa Jinei, Amanda J. Greywolf.


☆ Voice Acting
- Rates are negotiable.
- Fan-Made
: Free.

☆ Audio Engineering
- Rates are negotiable. 
- Fan-Made: Free.



owe a lot to Sakasa. I learned a lot from her knowledge of mixing and
directing. She herself is a reliable and capable voice actress and
producer. Those going into her fandubs can expect good quality and most
importantly, you can count on them being uploaded and finished. She's
one of the most approachable and hardest working people I know. I
absolutely recommend her for anything that your project needs."  

--» Ryusuke

willing to partake in clips even in takes most wouldn't try. She has
helped me learn some of the ebb and flow of voice acting. A top tier
producer for her own projects, which are already near pro quality as it
is. Should already be in professional works."  
--» El Diabeetus

it be plucky young boys, sultry ladies, tragic maidens to even an
occasional quirky oddball... Sakasa is often a natural at what she does and her fan-dub productions are of a
consistently high quality.
--» Pokejedservo

"Hard working, ethical, dedicated. She will push her limits in any area of her craft. Definitely someone you want if you look for pride in their own work."  --» Mike Varker

"I've worked with Amanda for years and has an amazing comedic ability
that has me in stitches every single time. She has a fantastic talent
and is a true joy to work with." 
--» Lisa Ovies

and working for this woman is worth your weight in gold. If you want to
work on a dub with her, it'll be worth it times ten!"  
--» Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto

is one of the most hard-working, committed producers I've had the
opportunity to work with years ago. Despite the odds, she finds a way to
get the job done which is more than I can say for so many projects I've
witnessed never get off the ground. Those who are looking to get their
feet wet in dubbing for fun need to look no further."  
--» Nina Sumter

"I got cast in a number of roles in projects
that have never seen the light of day. Even though auditioning is fun to
do, there comes a point where you want to get a solid return on your
investment. Sakasa did that for me!"  
--» Nate W.

and Amanda have worked on only a handful of projects together, all
unpaid and non-commercial products. However, even given the nature of
these projects and the small amount of time we've worked together, her
professionalism shines through. She has a good ear for acting ability,
so she won't hold back when directing you, but at the same time won't
make you feel bad or uncomfortable either. She's also a fantastic actor
and audio mixer."  
--» Chris Thurman

"Honestly a recommendation isn't enough for Sakasa, but I will do my best with words to praise her work. This individual is the very reason why you would want to get into and continue voice acting! Each project has been fun and professional, not to mention packed with enthusiasm! A talented audio expert, a gifted voice talent, along with experience in this very same line of work. I cannot think of anyone better to have on a project and work with!"  --» Chris G.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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