Joseph David Spence

Joseph David Spence

Voice Actor, Composer, and Musician that is committed to bringing your stories and characters to life.

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About Joseph David Spence


California State University, Fullerton - 2016

BM Music Performance

Instructed by John Hallberg
The Hartt School - 2022

MM Saxophone Performance and Music Composition

Instructed by Carrie Koffman, Gilda Lyons, Robert Carl, Larry Alan Smith
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Joe Goeffeney
Closing Credits - 2022

Demo Engineering

Instructed by Tony Wijs
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

Payment is negotiable on a per-project basis. Feel free to DM me to talk specifics!

What Joseph David Spence is looking for

I'm here to tell stories, bring characters to life, meet and work with some awesome creative people, and have fun along the way.


Reoccuring Narrator

for Military Uncovered

Magnus - Outsiders: "Darkest days, yet to come"


Captain Garwine and Various Characters - Lord of the Rings Conquest: Reimagined

(Team White Council)

Converted - Ethereal Metropolis

(Far Owl Studios)

Dean and Colin - Kingdom Guard


Sven - Lake of Reflection

(Tuff Mallow Interactive)

Darth Malak and Saul Karath - Knights of the Old Republic: Strike

(The Old Republic Podcast)

Joseph - The Rage Virus

(Chew Studios)

Vasili - Social Outcasts

(Fairy Fountain)

Salk Peers - Starfell

(Wolf and Magpie Media)

Main Narrator and Palpatine - Star Wars: Episode 3 Comic Dub

(Chew Studios)

Systems Alliance Advisor - Beyond The Advisors: A Mass Effect: Beyond The Relays Sub Mod 

(Binary Helix Modding Group)

Vahzenstin - Skyrim: Krein

(Digital Serpent)

Various Extras - The War of the Bounty Hunters

(Star Wars Audio Comics)

Aaron Flag - Someguy Series Remaster - A Fallout: New Vegas Mod

(Dante Fettman)

Darth Bandon - KOTOR

(Unreal Cinema)

Various Extras - The Purrince and the Pawper



The Loa - Foolish Mortals

(Inklingwood Studios)

Mandalore the Phoenix


AJ - Omega 1 

(LEM Studio Productions)

  • @dantefettman

    Mr. Spence gave an amazing performace as Aaron Flagg in the Someguy2000 Remaster Project. He was quick to send in his takes, was easy to work with, and was professional. I hope to work with him again, and recommend his services to anybody looking for fresh talent.

  • @deleted673127

    Joseph was absolutely a dream to work with. Not only did he deliver everything is a timely fashion. He also picked up other roles on the project I needed. 

    talented does not even describe Joseph enough. between his acting and musicianship it blows my mind. Joseph was awesome for me and I know he will be great for any other project out there. 

  • @Social_Outcasts

    Joseph was amazing to work with. He was very professional and was able to deliver the lines in a timely manner and when a concern with a retakes appeared, he was eager to correct it and get it back to me. Very nice guy too. I'm happy to have him aboard on this project and would definitely recommend him to others in search of his talent!

  • @abigailcarey

    Having worked with Joseph on multiple projects, I can assuredly say that he is one of the most talented actors you could possibly have on your project. He does not settle, however, on talent alone and works hard to be the best he can be on any given project for the sake of the role/character. He is creative, innovative, imaginative, ambitious, and faithful when it comes to his character voices and backgrounds. He is exceptionally collaborative and supportive of his peers and just in general a genuinely wonderful person. I truly look forward to hearing any projects that involve his voice. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to have him on an action role, he is the absolute king of efforts and battle cries!

  • @alwaysjmb

    Joseph is an awesome professional and patient VA and a joy to work with! I was excited to be able to work with someone who knew their stuff and made live direction an easy experience. Highly recommend, as this guy is a gem! 

  • @Zeverance

    Do you need passion, professionalism and studio quality?

    Joseph was brought onto the cast of talent for Mass Effect Beyond the Relays, a Stellaris mod that featured performances from Mark Meer, the original main voice talent of the ME franchise. At the time of his casting, we were looking for people who could match the quality, professionalism and range of someone who has a long proven record of professional voice talent and was THE face of the franchise this fan project was for. We couldn't just choose anyone, we needed THE someone's.

    Joseph delivered all this and more. He was not only fast and professional, but he showed an interest in the project that rivaled even some of the mod developers themselves. Without him, the quality of Beyond the Relays and its associated submod - Beyond the Advisors - would have been night and day. He rounded out a stellar cast and provided a superior result. The project simply would not have been the same without him.

    Not only do I recommend that you hire this talented actor right now, but I can say that he will always be on the contact list for any project I work on.

     What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and hire the man!

  • @jackofknives

    Joseph is an amazing voice actor, his emotional range brought great depth to the character. When i cast Joseph after he had auditioned, I couldn't read any of his character's dialogue without it being Joseph's voice in my head. He would be a credit to any production and i hope he reprises his role when the time comes. Thanks Joseph.

  • @darkvirusstudios

    Joseph has been a personal favorite of mine for my most popular original villain character in my D&D series. He does such a great job voicing Mandalore the Phoenix and my players absolutely adore his voice work. if you need a voice actor to convey a sympathetic villain, I couldn't recommend Joseph enough.