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About Riagon

Hello my name is Jonatan. I am a producer/musician/Actor/Voice Actor and Audio engineer. The reason why I learned so many skills is because they are all invaluable to one another and work well. I have many upcoming solo projects and will continue to audition where I can. If you need my expertise in anything definitely let me know so I could help. I work hard and deliver the best product that I can 100% Guarantee.

A little more about me. I do speak Spanish so that is a plus for any work that's required in a different language.  I Work from home (my own studio), but I am no stranger to studio booths and performance halls. Big or small venues, I have done quite a bit of it. I was self taught for a part of my life learning to get the ins and outs of music/acting/audio engineering, but along the path found many friends and teachers that instilled values of hard work ethic and of course their expertise. I studied at my University; Music Composition and split of into working more in Film Scoring.

Originally my idea for my youtube channel was to create a gaming channel. Really quick however I realized I love creating scripts and music. So this along with future projects will now be pushed on the channel instead.

Now I plan to create my own vision. I will personally make my original scripts, music and act. For all of you I do hope you will be as excited as I am. I will offer as much guidance as I can so never be afraid to ask for help. If something doesn't fit well with you, while going over the scripts we can talk and discuss. As for auditions I will honor your time and effort by listening to every single one and trying to decide what fits best and give feedback. Never be discouraged always aim to improve, my feedback shouldn't be set in stone it can be taken with a grain of salt do what you believe works. If you are selected for your roles please be ready to work. I am always willing to work around things, but publishing this on youtube will be the goal. I will of course credit each and every one of you and if you need a reference I have your back.

The standards for the lines will be No background noise or if you do have some, try and limit it as much as possible. Lines should not be altered with any mixing/mastering I will handle that for everyone.

Lines should be delivered on due dates unless talked otherwise. Always always talk to me if  you need help. I will get on discord and discuss with you and see what we can do. 

  • @xaviersims

    Was a pleasure of working with on "The Sniper", a recent lego short film I did.

  • @aj_talley

    Working with Riagon was an absolute pleasure. He ran the first project that I ever participated in, and he created an experience that fostered my growth as a Voice Actor and encouraged me to continue the pursuit of my passion. His feedback was invaluable, his writing is impeccable, and his end product was extremely impressive.

    I'd highly encourage aspiring voice actors to take any opportunity to work with Riagon.