Brian Jeffords

Brian Jeffords

bad guys, good guys, goofy guys, cartoons, rough edged video game heroes, big tentacled monsters...I gotchoo. 

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About Brian Jeffords

hey there. I'm a 45 year old father of 4. Was into voice stuff years ago but had to move on to other things due to location/ get the idea.  If I get in on your project you can be 100% confident that I will give you everything I have in my performance. If I'm doing a character or narration or a book or anything my attention is entirely on putting the most "character" I can into character. heh. Even if you want a straight read...I'll make it the straightest read I can. Sure I do this for pay but I also aim to enjoy every second of it! 

  • @dantefettman

    Fantastic actor right here. I've been following his work for years. He gives 100% Into all of his gigs and is a delight to collaborate with.

    He always tries to put a unique spin on whatever he's given. He loves doing unique scripts and has great range.

    Hire this guy for your project. Indie, commercial, animation, audio - he will give you great quality.

  • @rumblefin

    Absolute joy to work with! Fantastic voice and acting! Couldn't have asked for more on my project.
    Would always gladly work with him again

  • @jordan-bachmann

    Brian was very professional and brought lots of enthusiasm to our project. Not to mention a killer final product! A great colleague.

  • @elabrova

    Brian is an amazing talent to work with. Fast delivery, clear communication and in touch with the role and project. If you are looking to scout for profesionalism then Brian is defnitly your guy!

  • @overthetop123

    Brian is an essential part my project and has been exceptional with his presentation from the start. Excellent delivery and holds a steady line of communication. I'd recommend him for any job! Every aspect of the project was handled to my specifics, down to the file format I wanted. If you want someone who's dedicated to bringing your vision to life, stop here.

  • @alexandervonkoopa

    Brian has been a consummate professional and an absolute gentleman while working with us at Man on the Internet. His talents as a voice actor are truly impressive, and his work ethic is excellent. As one of the stars of this dub of Pokémon
    Scarlet, he has put a lot of heart and soul into his work, and has done a terrific job of portraying his character honestly and believably. This project is all the better for his involvement, and anyone looking for a talented and kindhearted voice actor would do well to consider casting Brian for their project. 

  • @cgy95

    I worked with Reebdoog on my Fallout: New Vegas mod: The Deterrent and they were an absolute joy to work with. They were quick to understand what was needed for the role and went over and above for it providing many different takes. The lines they delivered were of top quality and he will be on my shortlist for future projects for sure!

  • @Kaspa

    Quick turn around, professional!

  • @henry-schultz

    Brian is not only extremely talented, but also professional and kind. He has great vocal quality and range and delivered his lines quickly! I absolutely recommend him for any project!

  • @mindbeinglove

    Brian had the perfect voice for my meditation app! His voice was great, and the audio recording was nicely done. He was super easy to work with. I hope to work with him again in the future!

  • @beyondthedark

    Brian delivered a terrific performance and was very open and communicative throughout the entire process. I would love the opportunity to work with him again in future and have no hesitation in recommending him for other projects!

  • @Beth_Purcell

    Great communication during the project, delivered the lines in a timely matter and great to work with! Would definitely recommend working with him on projects!