he/they/it. animator!! trying to start an animated series correlating around my character Blythe Orchid

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About Hades

Hello hello hello! I'm Hades. I'm an animator / writer trying to work on a series called Immortal! The story revolves around Blythe Orchid and her journey out of the comfort of her school and into new places-- all because her alchemy was interrupted by an increase in prices.

read more here!: https://toyhou.se/Pydite

  • @brennenmichael

    Hades is a wonderful human being. On the project I worked for him, he was incredibly attentive with any and all cast questions, organized to a tee, kind as can be, and really cared about the project. I highly recommend him, and wouldn't hesitate for a moment to work with him again!

  • @Phyrematrix

    It was great working with Hades. They were organized, and had the script ready so we could get to work on our lines. I'd be honored to work on any projects they have in the future