VOA with a passion for bringing characters to life.

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About brennenmichael

Hi! I'm Brennen, and I have a passion for bringing characters and scripts to life. With over 20 books on Audible and over a decade's worth of experience in theatre, not only can I promise you effective delivery of lines, I'm more than willing to work with others, and most importantly, willing to work with you! I look forward to the many things we'll accomplish together.


Talk to me about what your budget is and what you think is fair, and we'll make something work!

What brennenmichael is looking for

I love creators who are passionate about their work, and want to truly bring their characters to life. Doesn't matter the genre, doesn't matter the character -- if you believe in it, so do I!

  • @pydite

    Brennen got his work done in a timely manner, and was incredibly nice throughout the project. 

  • @neonseb

    Brennen provides quick, efficient, and high-quality voice work! In the project I was working on, he was given the voice role of "Narrator" and did his job exceedingly well! I would recommend him for your project!

  • @Alucience

    Did a wonderful voice for a character in my animatic! Very polite, responsive, and great to work with! Would recommend! 

  • @Lufo

    They delivered their lines incredibly fast with amazing quality.