Voice-actor specializing in character work for video games and animation!

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About AtlanticPaladin

Hey! I'm a lover of the imagination and all things fantastical, and I am a professional voice-actor. I have helped many visionaries here in fulfilling incredible roles for amazing video games. I studied Performing & Media Arts at Cornell University and have also been coached by Richard Horvitz and Charlie Adler. Everything fantastical has kept me and my dreams alive for so long, now I am back to return the favor!

Let me know if you have an idea or role that we could work towards bringing to life


Unit Down: Charge - Kuroh (2024)

Bane Murrain - Jeff Cole (2024)

Realm Divided - Hero (2024)

Cat Meior - Shadow (2024)

Soviet Soldier - Pavel (2024)

Event Horizon - The Inmate (2024)

Game of Divinity - The Green Knight, Shaggy Dogs, Hyena (2024)

Glaves: Ashes - Visher (2024)

Vanguard of Avias - Wotanheim Barbarian (2024)

Care & Feeding of Werewolves - Uncle Herbert Thornton (2024)

Englewood After Dark - Burning Bridges (2024)

The Barricade - Bradstreet (2024)

Life Happens - Mr. Rinaldo (2024)

“Laura and Ralph’s Big Day Out - Newsguy (2023)

GnollHack - God (2022)

The Soft-Boiled Detective - Chad Coffindaffer (2022)

Unit Down - Kuroh (2021)

Charlie Adler - 2022


Instructed by Charlie Adler

Voice actor for Starscream in Transformers movies, original Transformers character Silverbolt, and Nickelodeon protagonist Cow. Provided voice direction for Rugrats. Many other acting and directing credits.

Richard Horvitz - 2022


Instructed by Richard Steven Horvitz

Played the role of Billy in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, protagonist Razputin in Psychonauts, and the titular alien character of TV show Invader Zim.

  • @proper_adhesive

    Patient, and talented. He showed genuine interest in the project and was very proactive. It's not everyday that I am excited to work with somebody (call me a hermit), but I looked forward to our live directing and he showed strong confidence in what he did. The voices were perfect, and he gave incredibly unique takes for each attempt, making choosing variations super fun for me. Really easy to work with!

  • @techno-banana-04

    He's an antagonist in my production! And he does a damn fine job at it too! Outside of the work he's down to earth, gentle, and friendly, which is a big help when you're stressed out of your mind for a production. Honestly with how hard he works I'm surprised more people haven't come around to boast about how great he is, because he's pretty damn great. He takes roles and character ideas like a champ, and is extremely patient along with it. I'm thankful someone as verbally gifted has lent his talent to my production. So take it from me, this guy is totally worth hiring.

  • @preston-hardin

    Recently played a central role in my podcast and his voice absolutely blew me away! He really refined the character a lot better than I had initially imagined and gave me pure quality without even asking. Would totally recommend!

  • @shakester

    AtlanticPaladin is a splendor to have in my project Vanguard of Avias. He was enthusiastic and brought a high amount of energy to a role that required it. When it came to delivering on his lines he did it in a timely manner which was very appreciated. AtlanticPaladin is super easy to work with and I would gladly have him be a part of any future projects I run! 

  • @hannahaimee17

    Cory was a joy to have as part of our cast on Englewood After Dark! He was punctual, professional and perfect for the role of grizzled conspiracy theorist. His acting was top quality and immersive and he was prompt with any and all communications!