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Triforce Studios's Previously Completed Works

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    About Zelda Hyrule Warriors: Fan Voice Over Project

    Contact the team: [redacted]

    Hello, We are looking for voice actors to join the Triforce Studios team.

    We are planning to do dub as many possible Zelda games starting with Hyrule Warriors. We aren't going to get ahead of ourselves and cast for every game but please audition for anybody you like below. 

    REQUIREMENTS:- High Quality microphone is essential, we want our dub to sound as authentic as possible. Please remove any background noise and avoid pops and puffs.

    We advise you record at 48000hz WAV or MP3 format.

    CASTING:- We are on round 2 of auditions now so if you missed out on a role you originally went for you are welcome to try out on the remaining roles available. Some of the characters we are really struggling to choose between people so don't panic if you weren't cast, you still very well may be!

    AUDITION DEADLINE MARCH 1ST 2016 :-  We will at least cast our first round of characters and auditions will reopen should be not find what we are looking for.

    Auditions are also being held on Behind the voice actors and Voice acting alliance.

    Where will the final product be shown?:- We will be making a youtube channel.

    How will the project be organized?:- All of the team will comunicate through email so everyone can read updates and scripts at their own leisure. However if you are unable to meet deadlines we may have to recast your role.

    Any other Questions please email, post a comment or message us. 

    Thank you all and good luck!!

    Cast so far 

    Link Cast to philsterman01 

    Princess Zelda Cast to Elkachan

    Lana Cast to Aquee

    Proxy Cast to ClaireVA 

    FI Cast to haleyjay 

    Darunia Cast to maizzzz 

    Auditions received all sites

    philsterman01, mopperton, whassup86, fairfieldfencer, crystalsuzuhara, pokejedservo, cybersponge94, pyrrhickong, jeffwerden, Skull, Klotten, anajo skylar, ElkaChan, crazydaiyamondos, caitpin,
    uprisingattorney, haleyjay, purplenightingale, chaosprincess, graysongirl123, mjewood33,maxter3300, tomatoghost, drumpghball, pyrrhickong, claireva, bakaneko33, chinchilla, bladedsk, maizzzz, shai, ToxicLink, Starmartin, Rod Caster, Triz, GeminiShadowCat, attackonfullmetal, fullmetal_exorcist, JaiseTheHipster, SonWukong, AdamWalters, Blaze_Stark, jsbonn26, Tayjay1019, SirSquigglesXP, Sean M.D, Nickthulhu, MasterJace, ODST, Kitanash, animerocks0, wolfielyte,leekou,Animerocks023456789, Joe Newman, ultimajvdeath, Thej3llywombat, Ngl Animations,The Super Luigi Bros, Aphrodi, Brooklyndizzy, Sprache, Megariusx, 
    Aquee,Coralray,N 13, Ultimate-S,CaptainCake,OwningOnyx,Sean M.D, Geist, Deven0711, Asfi, Liliumconcolor, Kcouto1945, kitanash, shadowdemoncp, ClaireVA,TitaniumLock,Detective SkittleJoy,Nullify,Crimsonslender,Luigimario77, Aer,Princessdevin302,

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