Professional voice + stage actor with a knack for accents and singing skills! Available for casting now.

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About HaleyHylia

Hello there! My name is Haley Hylia and I've been a professional voice actor since 2016. I'm a US-native but have developed a particular talent for authentic accents, both domestic and foreign. Now based in New Zealand, I've performed many accents on a professional level, including British (RP/Estuary) and Scottish.

Since 2016, I'm loaned my voice to a plethora of projects both commercial and creative, professional and amateur including: app/UI voice overs, educational narration, e-book narration, original characters, character voice imitation/impersonation, singing, rapping, and more. Many projects I've been a part of can be found on YouTube and these videos have collectively amassed more than 40 million views and growing.

Offline, I'm an experienced stage actor and have performed in scripted dramas and improv comedy shows alongside New Zealand's industry pros.

Besides voice acting, I am a proficient vocalist (mezzo-soprano) and have done many professional projects as a singer, rapper, and songwriter as well as composed/performed my own personal songs.

Please visit my YouTube channel to see playlists featuring my projects and be sure to visit my website for additional information. :)


I am open to negotiation regarding payment for roles.

  • @leth

    Without a doubt, Haley is one of the most impressive VAs I've ever worked with. Time and time again I'm amazed at the technical quality, expressiveness, and range in all of the roles I've given her. Linked below is one of our videos where she voiced a girl, her mom, AND their dead grandma/mom. On the collaboration side of things, she's always been pleasant to interact with and gets back within reasonable timeframes. What can I say? You should definitely add Haley to your VA radar.

  • @plotlineplus

    I've had the pleasure of working with Haley on two projects now, and she's been absolutely fantastic. She manages to lend an air of professionalism to her performances, but she still carries a refreshing enthusiasm about voice acting that I love seeing in people. Her voice reel speaks for itself, she's got great range and is totally adaptable. But what really impressed me is that she's got spark and initiative. If your looking for actors, you should be looking for people like Haley Jay.