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    About YouTube Drama CD Project! Voice Actors Needed!

    Hey there!

    I’m looking for a voice actress for my Anime Drama CD (Faded Cross). This is non-paid. I still need to fill this role in order to continue working on the next episode so if you’re interested, please feel free to audition and send it to me! :D I appreciate the interest and help! Below you’ll find links to the YouTube Channel and the first episode of this Drama CD along with a summary of the story. Thanks!

    Links: YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMmwhp3_LllMtnW-w6PeH1w

    Faded Cross Audio Drama CD Episode - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZER2d3Vf9A&list=PLRme0J7pj3bZby7_5ktYh34nm5L5K5S38&index=1


    Hotaru Yukimura is an introverted college student that lives with her brother’s best friend Hei Nishimura. One day she finds out that she’s put on academic probation and has been taken out of school until she can appeal her case. While trying to get back into school, Hei decides to find a second job along with a job for Hotaru for the time being. By chance Hei’s first client as a limousine chauffeur is Nari Inihara, the manager of Faded Cross member Gi Hamasaki. Hei and Hotaru are given jobs as Gi’s chauffeur and bodyguard.

        Faded Cross is a popular group consisting of five handsome young men. They have taken over the music industry in the two years they have been together. Unfortunately, they are disbanded in order to create a competition between them in order to see who can win the position of best idol at the end of the one year deadline. All five members have no choice but to compete, the winner wins the fame and continues his career, while the other four are dropped from the record label and are never to work in the industry again.

        Gi Hamasaki hates the whole idea of competing against his friends, but is persuaded by Nari to do his best. Along the way Gi becomes closer with Hotaru to the point that he slowly starts to fall in love with her. Hei doesn’t like this since he also has been in love with Hotaru and her split persona Yori. What will be the end result for everyone? Will Gi Hamasaki win the competition? Will romance arise?

    About the Creator: moonlightmel

    My name is Mel and I'm a writer more than anything else. I'll be using this site to find people to voice act in my YouTube Drama CDs :) 

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