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    About Young Lies - Sims 3 Voice over series (RE-OPEN ROLES)

    This is a Sims 3 VO series that will be posted on Youtube. The series as its whole product is already scripted and is now moving forward to the making of it.  It contains multiple episodes, in a count of 12 episodes, and will be needing a lot of voice actors.  


    Drama / Romance / Comedy


    Evelyn Page is the main character of our story. She's the daughter of a long-term, crucial alcoholic mother, which has given her a poor sight on life. All her life she's been taking care of both her mother and herself. Her father left when she was only a few months old. But since her mom doesn't seem to appreciate it enough, Evelyn decides to run away from home. She joins a group of teenagers who live in an abandoned building. They live under poor circumstances. Evelyn realizes that she can’t live like this. To the rescue, she finds Karen who opens up her home for Evelyn. Her husband, on the other hand, doesn't seem to like that decision.

    To get this to go as smooth as possible I will film and edit all episodes before I post them anywhere. Then I'll announce the series start and after that one episode will be posted on the same day and time every week. If everything goes as planned and my voice actors are well committed this will hopefully be completed in less than a year.

    August 2018?

    That means that I can give the actors up to one month max, to hand in their lines.


    Interested in this Project? If you want to audition you must first read below:

    Audition Rules:
    - Be committed
    - Show emotions
    - Have a clear microphone
    - notice that this is a hobby project
    - You are allowed to audition for more than one role
    - Meet deadlines (about three weeks)
    - Don't forget to have fun! :3

     If you have any questions you're very welcome to email me. which you will find in the description of this youtube link.

    I look forward to not just only build up a committed cast, but also a group of friends, a family. The cast itself will have a lot of extra time. Q&A's and stuff like that.

    This project will give experiences, memories, and we will all learn while we get to do the things we love. So I would gladly have you on my team!

    About the Creator: The Sun

    Okay, so Hi. I don't know how you found me but I'm glad you did :3

    My name is Ellinor, and as many others, my biggest dream is to make movies/series in the future. 

    I'm actually working on a big project, and that's also the reason why I don't have much activity on here. At the moment I'm writing a script for a series and eventually, I'll post the casting call here. I'm a perfectionist, I'm actually working so hard on this series and hopefully, any of you are willing to be a part of it.

    How is it to work with me?
    Well, I'm probably one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. If you don't upset me of course, but it's pretty rare for me, I have a lot of patience and I'm cooperative. Still, I want things to be structured, I want the lines on time. If  you somehow won't be able to give me the lines on time, just tell me, I'll understand. Just don't let me chase for my lines ;)

    What do I need?
    voice actors, of course,  I have everything from small roles to the main cast. But I can't get my voice actors yet, I'm still on the stage of scripting the whole series. I know that some people here have a lot of experiences of script writing and If you do I would gladly get all the help you can give me. I'm Swedish so English isn't my native language,  I would still consider myself as pretty good at English I actually was in Los Angeles recently for an entire month! But I could still get some help from an English speaking person, you could help me express myself differently or give me tips, or even give more life to my characters if necessary.

    If you're interested in helping me get this series started or even want to get a sneek peak on the characters just message me!  I'm open for all discussions :))

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold