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    About When Autumn Leaves Fall Re-Casting **PAID ROLES**

    Hello wonderful people of Casting Call Club!

    I am in need of replacement voices for a few characters in my upcoming movie When Autumn Leaves Fall. It is a paid project and you will receive the same amount that was promised during the previous casting. Voice Actors will be paid once they turn in their lines through paypal. So having a paypal is kind of important or else I have no other way of giving you money. Haha. (And hey, if you've already auditioned feel free to re-audition! I'll gladly give your voice a second try.)

    I also can't seem to get the URL to work so in case just in case the link to the video is HERE.

    Anyway let's get into the plot of the movie so ya'll know what you're getting into! :D

    Plot: When Jonas was very young, his parents were in an unfortunate car crash that took their lives. Because of this, he and his baby sister moved in with their only living relative, their Uncle Russ, who welcomed them with open arms even though he was struggling to keep a stable job. Years later, Jonas spends a majority of his time studying in order to get into a good collage and provide a better life for his sister. Outside of that, he works his ass off to help his uncle make ends meet. After years of constant bullying and misunderstanding, Jonas tries his best to shut everyone else. Well, everyone except for his childhood friend Ulrich, who'd probably glue himself to Jonas if given the chance. But...things change when Jonas meets a girl named Allison, who demands him to tutor her...


    Clear Mic

    Please use emphasis and emotion when speaking the lines

    Meet deadlines (I'm really lenient on this one, if you need more time, just ask.)

    Have patience, I work very slowly so the movie won't be out for awhile.

    And lastly communicate with me. I suck at communicating myself but if I message you, I'd at least like a response or an indication that you've seen the message. And if you have a question on how a character should be portrayed please ask!

    P.S. It was a little hard to find good sample lines for the characters without giving away the plot and I apologize for that.

    EDIT: Some people are asking how long the script is and how many lines the characters have. The script itself is 87 pages. Ulrich has 85 lines. Rita has 23. And Emmi has 12.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold