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Way Out There's Previously Completed Works

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    About Vykwori - Original Deep Space Sci-Fi Adventure/Psych Horror Web Animation Pilot | Voice Talent Needed!


    “I want to get off of this barren planet.”

    Nearly 350 years after a radiation burst that destroyed society and mutated life on Earth, a tribesman named Fich lives on the surface of the planet with his family the Kroftyaeri Tribe. Getting bored with his life on the barren planet, he wonders if anything is out in space, but is ignoring Earth. One day, a mutant pirate collective called the Deanaza ransacks the tribe, and Fich is left to defend it, only to cowardly run away while everyone else dies. In his haste, he is chased by a Deanaza but saved by an alien named Cyprus, who visited Earth to collect material for the Kiladako robot empire. Fich, with the guilt of leaving his tribe for dead, joins Cyprus and the Kiladako through space to regain redemption for his cowardice and preemptive feelings of Earth.

    Vykwori is a Space Adventure and Psychological Horror/Drama saga created by KabulentNought and Maki-Tak. It's concept is loosely based off of, and incorporates elements of Maki's MetaToki universe into it. The show also takes inspiration from Spore, Silent Hill, Ben 10, Fallout, SCP, Evangelion, Half-Life, and various vintage sci-fi media to name some. On top of this, aspects of the show emulate 90's-early 2000's animation including it's artstyle, compositing, sound design, and overall aesthetic.

    The show is aimed towards teens and young adults aged 16+. Teenage/mature audiences are recommended as disturbing/creepy imagery, violence, some gore, and mild political/complex existential themes will be present throughout the run. Despite this, the series especially intends to appeal to those who are into science fiction, meta fiction, Lovecraftian horror, and an atmospheric yet apparent story. It will also cracks a few jokes here and there.

    The story is planned to last 13 episodes, and progressively get more indulged in it's themes as it progresses. The pilot is being done separately to test the waters, and because it's planned to be in the ballpark of 30 to 40 minutes. The production for the rest of the episodes is expected to be long term, so try to keep in touch every now and then and when needed. 

    We are currently in pre-production, so material on outside sources is sparse. While we have the crew and tools needed to create the animation, writing, editing, music, and such for the time being, the only thing we lack is a voice cast to get things going more. Not all roles are listed here, as a few have been decided through other mediums. Lines are not finalized and serve currently as examples of the pilot's overall plot. 

    Some Guidelines

    • You must have a way of contacting through voice, Discord is recommended as there's a production server and I am more quick to that, however I will also answer skype. leave your tag(s) in your audition or DM me.
    • Mics shouldn't be too much of an issue on this site, but its important to have a good sounding, decent filtered one to begin with. Extra touch-ups can be done by me or you if necessary, but special effects like robot voices will be done by me.
    • The way characters sound also play a part in trying to make certain characters sound as realistic or alien-like possible, this may include a range and blending of known accents (American, British, lizard voices with some Hispanic dialect, etc.). Try your best to blend certain accents together for these characters (specified in roles). But I have no problem with deviations from voice descriptions, as long as they sound fitting for the character.
      • It should also be noted that despite the given lines the show will get emotionally tense, so emote, but with a realistic tone. Oh yeah, and prepare to scream a few times for certain characters.
    • Schedules are pretty flexible. We can find times for the acting, but deadlines still exist, so have things ready when needed.
    • Despite the roles belonging to those accepted, additional voices are still needed and runner-ups from each role will get additional roles. Despite this, you're always welcome to try out for more major roles in later episodes.
      • Deadline for casting may also be extended or shortened depending on traction.
    • Leave contact info in submission, especially for additional voices since I will not be able to accept more than one person.
    • Most importantly, despite the serious tone, have fun!

    Any question and non-acting role (Animator, Editor, Designer, etc.) inquiries will be answered though the Casting Call Chat or my contact info.

    About the Creator: Way Out There

    Indie animations of KabulentNought and friends. Works currently only consist of our Sci-Fi Horror saga Vykwori for the time being.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold