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About Artists needed!


EDIT: Okay so we have reached full capacity for voice actors! Thank you to all those who took timeout of their day to audition, i apologize if you didn't make the cut! I am look for one or two artists now.

Hello everyone, my name is Percival, I am embarking on a journey! A journey to create an immersive audio book for my story! I so far have a Trailer, Chapter 1 and 2 up on youtube, that you can watch up here ^ Which you can find on my channel as well! I am looking for Voice actors...still and you can have your opportunity if you keep reading!

The main point of this is for small time writers, voice actors, video editors and artists to join a larger community that will help you grow and give you more exposure! That is the most i can offer you as we all grow together! If there is a talent you have that i did not create a role for, just drop a comment or message me and i will do so!


This is my soundcloud, not all my beats are on it so keep that in mind, this is just so you guys have an idea of what i can do! I can also do Cinematic sounds now, i have recently acquired the skills to do so!



Let me make it clear there are two stories that i am making an audio book on, so i need voice actors! And a lot of them, meaning there is almost definitely a chance you will get cast, however! To be cast you need decent audio quality, it doesn't need to be XLR, a simple usb mic can do the trick, however the quality must be decent, minimum to no white noise, no white noise at all is preferred!

There are multiple characters and a lot already have voice actors but there are many other characters that do not have voice actors assigned to them! And my new audio book is lacking voice actors as well!

If anyone is interested in writing and can provide evidence of completing stories then hop aboard i will help you make a audio book! However the amount of people that will be brought onboard for that is unknown, that will be tested and if the first audio book idea someone brings me is successful i shall help another aspiring writer turn their book into an audio book for free! There are conditions to it but i will tell those who actually want to do it. The conditions are just ways for me to not drown under an immense amount of work!

As for voice actors! Right now, i just need people who will be able to deliver, i can be flexible but punctuality will be nice ;).If anyone can draw (it doesn't have to be super amazing), it would make the overall video just way better, however seeing as there is no pay, i don't expect people to do it, if this becomes popular then i will definitely start looking into paying.


Audition if you want a part in this project, i would like you to have a decent microphone, it doesn't have to be some super expensive one, anything that doesn't have white noise will work for me, even a little white noise is fine, that can be removed, all in all!

Discord is a MUST as well, i have a server already and its bustling! So if you show promising ability you shall be moved onto the server! It is currently being boosted by yours truly and a friend.

Also vulgar language is used, so if you are not comfortable with it, you do not need to audition. Keep in mind though its not a lot, just every now and then a few curse words will be said, it also depends on the character.


At this moment the Studio name is "Black-Line Production"

About the Creator: Percival Black

I am  a Content Creator, and CEO of Black-LIne Production, i am currently doing a Audio Book for a story i am writing! Still short of voice actors! So pop by and check maybe there may be a role for you! If you have a talent and need an outlet, check out my project!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold