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Bela04's Previously Completed Works

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    About Voice actors for Age Regression / Progression Story [18+]

    Hello to all the people!

    My name is bela04, I'm a 3D comic creator. I'm using DAZ Studio to create Age Regression and Progression Comics for almost 3,5 years now and some other material like TG Comics or just sipmle Superhero or other portraits, if you would like to know some of my work please visit

    I'm currently in a project and I'm looking for voice actors who are interested in filling up some characters with life.

    Project Name: "Glimpses - Audio Version"

    It is short story in an e-book style with some illustrations by me. It is 64 page long "comic" what I would love to give out in an audio book as well, or give it out in a video form. 

    The plot:

    "Joe is awful to his little sister Jenny, and things only get worse when his parents leave town and his girlfriend comes to visit. As Joe continues to pick on Jenny, she begins to wonder what life would be like if she was the adult... Soon Joe catching glimpses of life with his role switched with Jenny, and the more he sees his older sister hanging all over what used to be his girlfriend, the more he thinks he is losing his mind."

    The four characters who needs to be voiced are:

    Joe - a 22 years old man. He is a bossy type of guy always picking on his little sister.

    Joe - the same character above just as a 13 years old kid. In the story he slowly found himself as the younger sibling. In this form he is a great and normal kid but very confused and sometime agressive beacuse he doesn't understands what is happening with him.

    Jenny - a 13 years old kid who is the little sister of Joe. She is a darling girl and try to act normal however she is very curious.

    Jenny - the same Jenny in a 22 years old form. More confident and fully aware of her "alternative form" but acting like it was all normal. In this form she is fully a grown up in mind as well. She is a bikini model.

    Candice - she is Joe's girlfriend when he is 22 and his crush when he is 13. She never changes but as the siblings are changing, she is Joe's or Jenny's Partner. She is a bikini model.

    :  Jenny"s friend, needs to be voiced also in age 13 & 22!

    Narrator: I would prefer a female.

    Recording & Sending Information:

    Mp3 is preffered sending throught some sort of file sharing server/program (Dropbox, Drive etc.)


    Oct. 31.

    The voice acting require swearing and "adult language"!
    Please note this if you decide to join the project! ;) I don't want to drag anybody in in a believe that this is somting else!

    More script  are availble if we have a deal! 

    If you not familiar what Age Regression or Progression please visit my site or just search for this in google! 

    Thanks! ;) 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold