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Willow Animations's Previously Completed Works

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    About "Save Her" An Original Undertale AU series

    This is an UnderTale Animation Series I want to start working on with Voice Actors, Animators, Artists, and designs.

    Me and my friends are deciding on making this series and we hope for it to be successful. Here are some rules on my Series if you want to participate.

    1. If you're not online very often, don't participate. Esspecially since we might do mini recordings together.

    2. You must have discord ( WillowAnimations#8229 ), skype, or we can anything we can contact with.

    3. Respect everyone. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone's audition, then don't comment bad things about it.

    4. Please do not use a voice changer. I want you guys to use your normal voice. It makes it more fun.


    -Please introduce yourself during your audition! :D
    -Any accent will be fine.
    -Want your OWN undertale OC in this? Of course! Just remember to ask me permission.
    -Here's my discord -
    - Go ahead and try to act however you like.
    Thank you on spending your time! It means alot to me c:

    More information:

    This series will have multiple seasons. Even mini characters are fine. Any is fine to be honest.

    Role explaination:


    I am searching for experienced animators like me who have at least 30 subscribers on their youtube channel. up to 3 and below watermarks are allowed. These people MUST have discord.

    Writers\ scripters\ storyboarders:

    These people MUST have skype or discord. They will be sending me ideas for the storyline and ideas for episodes, aswell and helping me write the voice acting lines. 

    Singers\ Song writers: 

    These people MUST have discord or skype\ anything with a voice call. I will send them the lines as the sing the song. I will be able to edit the audio together, but I need passionate people with full expression to sing with this.

    What this is about: 

    This series is about my crew and their adventures around the universes, working with Ink sans, Saving others, and helping each other. I have been thinking about a bunch of things.

    Please do not give up once you agree that you want to join. Some of these people will not be taken softly if they are the main characters.

    Microphone choices:

    You don't have to have a microphone, if you want to audition. I just wish for the expression being emotional. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold