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About Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers IDW

Hello all! I'm working on another Transformers audio adaptation from the IDW comics. This time I'll be tackling the Last Stand of the Wreckers story, a 5 issue miniseries, originally written by James Roberts and Nick Roche. For those who are unfamiliar with the series it follows the Wreckers who are on a mission to take back Garrus-9, a prison that has been taken over by Overlord for three years who has spent all that time torturing and hunting down Autobots for sport. Not only do they have to rescue the Autobot prisoners, but they have to find Aequitas, a supercomputer capable of detecting guilt, before the Decepticons can get their hands on it. However, not everyone will make it out of this alive.

An assortment of sound effects and music tracks will be used in this production in order to bring this series to life. This story involves a huge cast as well as some extra roles so if this project peaks your interest go ahead and try out to your hearts content. Side note: if a character isn’t here then that means they have already been cast. There are some ground rules before auditioning that I must state, though:

-No filters/robotic effects. I want to hear what YOU sound like.
-Unless stated in the character descriptions, no impersonations of any past incarnations of the characters. Feel free to do your own take and have fun with it.
-Be reliable and available. This project will last for 5 episodes, but I need you to be able to stick with me until the end. I don't want to have anybody disappearing on me so try to be available. Plus, if your character appears in the More Than Meets The Eye series later down the road, I would like you to reprise your role of whoever you are cast as.
-Have a good quality recording. You don’t have to have a professional microphone, but I would like to have a consistent quality all around.

And that should be it. Have fun auditioning, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Impactor - robaodwyer (BTVA)
Ironfist - kanono (CCC)
Verity Carlo - LNM-C (BTVA)
Guzzle - dricktocked (CCC)
Pyro - CaptainCake (BTVA)
Rotorstorm - Star Link (BTVA)
Kup - Cliff (BTVA)
Topspin - Jadethedragon1 (BTVA)
Twin Twist - gtnish>7 (BTVA)
Megatron - Cliff (BTVA)
Shockwave - Basso_Profundo (BTVA)
Snare - AustinMitchell (BTVA)
Stalker - Reznorite (BTVA)
Kick-Off - robaodwyer (BTVA)
Borehole - DanielVA (BTVA)
Sixshot - robaodwyer (BTVA)
Black Shadow - CainVoorhees (BTVA)
Skyquake - robaodwyer (BTVA)
Dipstick - robaodwyer (BTVA)

Spin-Out - cinder222 (BTVA)
Wingblazer - KyleSouza (BTVA)

Wingblazer's Partner - Basso_Profundo (BTVA)
Fearswoop - DanielVA (BTVA)
Predator Soldier - ultimatenewmandubs2015 (CCC)
Roadbuster - JeffWerden (BTVA)
Sandstorm - JeffWerden (BTVA)
Extras - Jedi8823 (BTVA) and more
Perceptor - MechaKnight (BTVA)
Narrator - ultimatenewmandubs2015 (CCC)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold