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    About Tokyo Ghoul √A Fandub Casting Call for Touka

    Please use this link for a more organized layout.


    I fully mixed and did my lines for a Tokyo Ghoul Root A Fandub but the person who has been orignally cast has been having a very busy schedule. So I am deciding to hear some auditions, and see if I can choose someone to work with and get this dub released. Again all the sound effects and my lines have been mixed. I just need the lines for Touka. I will posting the scene in the explainer video (starts at 0:40-3:01). For now I am going to go through the guidlines for this dub:

    1. Must have decent microphone quality. No pops, buzzing, or very loud reverberation. For example a usb class type of microphone like the Blue Yeti or AT2020 or more preferably an XLR input microphone.

    2. At least 3 takes for each line. 

    3. Must be able to take direction through a skype call and preferably be "good" at taking direction. For example I want to be able to get the best performance out of you, and also do away with redos all together. In a skype call I can give you on the spot feedback, and direct you right away to attempt to get the best performance out of you and make sure to get the lines from you at that same day. Just be sure to free up your schedule cause depending on your acting skill or how good you are at taking direction a session could take from 30 minutes to an hour as an example. 

    4. Must be able to deal with the fact that if I am unable to get the performance I want out of you then I will have to look for someone else. I am just warning you in advance so there are no hard feelings. Its just how its going to be if it comes to that case. 

    5. This might not make that much sense to you though I hope it does but I feel like I need to put this as a guideline. When auditioning try to be as natural as possible and to sound like an actual PERSON even when portraying an anime character. What I mean from this is that I am not the person who tends to like delivery or performances that you hear in most modern English dub adaptions of Anime. For example I find most modern english dub perfomances to be very breathy, fake sounding, spoken in very slow and improper pacing, every line sounding the same so no variety and etc. Pretty much not sounding like an actual person or speaking in a way that people would not actually speak. Again you may find this guidline in specific very subjective but I do really want you to take it into consideration when auditoning because this guidline is VERY important to me. Its pretty much make it or break it for your audition. Again if you are the type of actor who bases his/her skills and how to act and how you deliver lines in general from modern anime dub adaptions. This may not be the project for you.  

    A dub I did. 


    I will be putting the scene that we will be doing in the explainer video. 

    If you are cast I will be messaging you my skype so we can add each other and set up a recording date. Looking forward to hearing your audition! 

    About the Creator: ziava

    I love acting, and portraying different kinds of characters and kind of in a way living through their lives and adventure and projecting it in the best way I can with my performance. I've probably been doing voice acting for around 2-3 years now? maybe? haha. I stopped for quite awhile then came back but during the time I was away I was practicing and trying to hone my craft non stop. And I gotta say. It feels good to be back! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold