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About The Troubling Twin Trifecta - An Audiobook Project

I wrote a book a while back called The Troubling Twin Trifecta and, not only is it completely, 100% finished, but I have not published it anywhere like Wattpad or anything. I've decided that, along with the book I am currently writing called Tiana Okuru, I am going to get voice actors and make this an audio book!

Now for the trigger warnings. If you are sensitive to suicide in any way, this won't be the project for you. This book has a lot of drama and it gets dark at some parts.


The Troubling Twin Trifecta is a book that follows two twins, Mia and Mary Jane. After their mother's passing during the summer, they read a note that she left, saying she hopes they never fully rely on each other. She wants to make sure that they can live on if something happens to separate them in any way. In hopes to make sure that they don't rely on each other, Mia and Mary move schools the following school year and both sign into the school system as "Misami Jane", in hopes to be able to pretend the other doesn't exist at school. They come up with plans to avoid each other at all costs.

While all of this is going on, twins Christopher and Caeson, and their two little sisters Tia and Tiffany, have moved back to Johnson Davis High after moving away before. When they come back, they find their old friends, Lizzie, Jem, Ashley and Aleigha (pronounced like Aaliyah). One person that they cannot seem to find is their old friend, Madeline Greene, or as they called her, Maddie.

While Mia and Mary trick the school system, convincing all of the students that they are one person, they both fall for separate boys. Mia falls for Dayne, a popular guy that a lot of people love. Mary falls for Cacey, a sweetie that hides his anxiety with fake confidence. Cacey pulls it off, though. Jane and Jessica, our third set of twins, want to go after Cacey. They're bratty girls that want 'Misami' to have nothing to do with him.

Can two twin sisters date different boys that aren't aware of the other sister? Where'd Maddie go? Was Ms. Jane's death really an accident? Find out when you read, or voice act for, The Troubling Twin Trifecta.

Here are the rules:

-MUST have Discord. That's how I will reach you and everything. When you audition, leave a comment with your Discord and do NOT forget your four digit code.

-DO NOT SPOIL! If you are chosen, keep in mind that this book has not been published on any platform at all. I will publish each chapter as the audio book chapters are being published.

-Must have an at least decent sounding mic.

-BE NICE. I will not tolerate being rude AT ALL to people.

-Must be able to stay here for the time needed.

Now please audition and spread this casting call around!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold