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    About The Strange Compendium of Richter & Rorschach: Children in the Trees

    Reupert, who deduced where his wife was looking, turned as pale as the children who held their daughter captive high up in the trees. The breeze brought with it the sound of children giggling, and in an instant, before they could scream for help, Mr. and Mrs. Jones saw little Ginny V. Jones pulled backwards, swallowed by the darkness and the laughter.

    Not all is what it seems with the pair of Alan Richter and Emil Rorschach as the skeptical Theo Bulloch accompanies them on an errand to St. Aberdeen Hospital. Civilization is held tightly by the hands of the forest, and as we soon learn of Oplichten's neighboring town called Pepperton, we slowly discover the motivations behind Richter and Rorschach's trip. Theo suspects the convenience of having met the two gentlemen right when she needed them, but will it be too late? Has she fallen into a scheme of two conmen? Or are they something much worse? 

    This casting call will be for the next story of The Strange Compendium of Richter & Rorschach, called Children in the Trees. I am looking to cast several minor characters who will be appearing in this particular story in an audiodrama version of The Strange Compendium. 

    Please note that while I cannot reimburse your hard work monetarily, I will credit your contributions to the project, and provide a means for others to check your works if you have links for that. 

    If you're simply interested in the story itself or would like to do a little background research on the characters, please check out this link where The Strange Compendium of Richter & Rorschach will be posted: 



    **Children in the Trees is currently undergoing revisions, and will be posted up once all critiques by the editor are addressed. I will post an update on this page once Children in the Trees is available for reading!**

    Once again, it is an honor and pleasure to have your interest in this humble project of mine, and I look forward to hearing your talented voices!

    Yun Oe

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold