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Yunoe's Previously Completed Works

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    About [CLOSED] The Strange Compendium of Richter & Rorschach: I. To Sea - An original horror-fantasy work

    Think of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, but with a horror and fantasy twist, if you will. 

    Alan Richter and Emil Rorschach are both legendary heroes in the daily life of once-esteemed scholar and scientist Theo Bulloch, until she was discovered to be a woman at the university she worked for and dismissed soon afterwards.

    Looking for new purpose in life, and at the behest of her good friend Fanny Normann, Theo attempts to search for the team of Richter & Rorschach in hopes that they can provide answers to the disappearance of Fanny’s husband, Friedrich, who just so happens to have played a nefarious role in the silent film, Nosferatu

    The trio, determined to reunite Friedrich and Fanny, embark on a journey that proves to be more phantasmagoric than Theo could have ever imagined, and they enter a world of mysteries and horrors, with an exuberance of questions and cases spiraling in their direction as they unfold Friedrich’s life...  

    This casting call is for the introduction of the first part in the compendium, called, "To Sea," where the story is established. 

    Right now, I’d love to cast a choice number of talented voice actors for the roles of Alan Richter, Emil Rorschach and Theo Bulloch along with several other minor characters, and, as the story progresses, I hope I will be able to enlist your talent to make this work come alive! While I cannot reimburse your hard work monetarily, I will credit your contributions to the project, and provide a means for others to check your works if you have links for that. 

    If you're simply interested in the story itself or would like to do a little background research on the characters, please check out this link where The Strange Compendium of Richter & Rorschach will be posted: 

    https://www.wattpad.com/story/74879214-the-strange-compendium-of-richter-rorschach [CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REVISIONS]


    About the Creator: yunoe

    An interpreter/translator and private tutor by day and singer/storyteller by night. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold