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    About (ON INDEFINITE HIATUS) The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Fandub

    PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE FIRST PARAGRAPH BEFORE CONTINUING. This project is on semi- indefinite hiatus at least until the story on SiIva's channel comes to a close (it might take longer since I am currently in college). This is so I can get all the remaining auditions together and cast everyone who hasn't been already cast all at the same time. Thank you for your cooperation. If you audition, please leave a Discord name in the comments of your audition

    better late than never...

    This is a fan dub of the ongoing storyarc on the SiIvaGunner (SiivaGunner) channel, known as "THE SILVAGUNNER CHRISTMAS COMEBACK CRISIS". 

    The characters "The Voice Inside Your Head" and "SiIvaGunner" (the latter of whom appears in the prologue and in a flashback in Episode 3) will be voiced by their respective text-to-speech-generated voices (Graham from NaturalReader for the Voice and Wiseguy from VoiceForge for SiIvaGunner) so we do not need them. All other characters who have speaking lines will be able to be auditioned for.

    I'm not sure when the deadline will be yet. It will be extended as necessary until I figure that out.

    (Edit: I hope to have this cast by the end of June; however, if there are still characters with no auditions I may have to delay it.)

    Please read all information below before auditioning!

    Please record all lines shown for the character you are auditioning for. The lines may be in any order, though. Also please read the entirety of the notes for the character; they'll help guide you on how to voice the line as well as other things you may want to know about the role.

    All auditionable roles are in order of their appearance in the series. Roles will be added as they appear.

    MAJOR SPOILER WARNING IN THE AUDITION LINES. I strongly suggest having watched the full series so far before auditioning. Here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL0CQjrcN8D0lwvLRcGFUJJIeTcZW9Mlq

    I apologize if some of the descriptions are somewhat vague; I had to type a few of them twice because I accidentally closed the tab without saving. For human characters who exist in real life (i.e. Robbie Rotten and the Rapper's Union), and characters who already have voices (i.e. Meta Knight and Waluigi) do the best impersonation that you can of their real world/original equivalents. 

    For characters with dialogue in parentheses in the audition, do not read what's in the parentheses out loud. That's either to point out that there's something in between parts of audition lines or to say how you should read it (pay attention to those ones). If it's "(...)" that means there's a line I was too lazy to type out fully.

    Finally, if you audition, please either A. contact me at aykrivwassup on Skype or B. comment on your audition with your name, your username on here (not necessary if commenting here), the role you auditioned for, your preferred pronouns, Skype, and a social page (tumblr, twitter, deviantART, etc.) where I can credit you from.

    EDIT: Sorry I haven't updated this lately... I haven't really had the time. Anyway the date was extended and will continue to be until I can actually get to this. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Also thanks to everyone who has auditioned so far!)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold