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    About The Multiverse (Undertale AU story) ((MORE ROLES WERE ADDED!))

    This is a fanmade story of Undertale and the many Alternate fanmade Universes the fandom houses. It's a sort of audio book that was simply intended to go up on Wattpad (because I tried drawing a comic and it was literally awful) but I decided to put it on here because why the hell not?
    It's a long and wild ride that's still a work in progress with 146 Microsoft Word pages and a prophecy all of it's own.
    I do not claim to own the characters in this story, (Besides Oracle, Skill, Serif, Roman, Zalgo, and character traits and story of Pastel and Glitch. I made those up and I drew Oracle. Miiinnneee XD) There is mention of an X-Event, however I am in no way saying it is accurate to what Jakei has in store for Underverse. I used the base idea of the "X-Event" and spiraled it off into my own thing.
    I don't have a specific time frame for this project because I am currently in school so please keep that in mind.
    There are ships that sail in this story. You don't have to like them to enjoy the story. I simply put them in to add another level and layer of drama to the plot.

    I just don't want people yelling at me later for this.

    If you don't end up with the role you really wanted, don't be discouraged! It doesn't mean I didn't like your audition voice over, it just means someone else who tried out better fit my head canon. There's always next time, so stay determined! I'm rootin' for ya!

    Also, ignore the deadline. I don't want to pay for Gold member, so I'll just keep adjusting the deadline until we're close enough to the ending for a real deadline to be determined.

    Also, thank you so much to everyone who has auditioned! I've had so much fun listening to each and every one repetitively and i can't stress how excited I am enough. Also, JEEZ YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING VOICE ACTORS YOU MAKE MY JOB SO FREAKING HARD. TRYING TO CAST PEOPLE WHEN LIKE THREE DIFFERENT VOICE ACTORS FIT MY HEAD CANON. HHH I LOVE YOU GUYS.

    Okay. Wow. Calm down, me. XD

     Thank you, that's all for now. Have fun!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold