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Please read the description. It contains some important information on the project as well as some trigger warnings!

Hello, I am Saveraedae, the creator of the series "The Mark Side." I am in need of voice actors for all of my upcoming projects! These projects will include animatics, animations, and more! Please read all of the rules so you know what you are getting into. :)

What is "The Mark Side?"

"The Mark Side," or "TMS" as you may see it be abbreviated as, is a series which I have been developing for 4, almost 5 years now. It currently, as of 2020, is an animatic series, and I have plans to produce episodes until the story told throughout the series comes to an end. I've been through a lot of creative decisions with TMS, and I am currently happy with the version that exists as of now, I've went through (I believe?) - the concept of a comic series, the concept (and semi production) of a now outdated YouTube animatic series, and many other formats of which I have not been happy with. To be a bit more precise, I was a bit young when I decided to create TMS, and as I now have more experience in this sort of field, I now know more of what I am doing.

I will have to provide a warning, however. TMS contains:

  • Themes of abuse
  • Themes of rape (Definitely not a main part of the series, but it has a significance to the overall story.)
  • Inappropriate language
  • Main characters whom of which are teenagers in high school
  • Main characters whom of which are LGBT
  • Overall a pretty dark theme that isn't exactly presented as such
  • Brief romantic themes

What I'm looking for:

If possible, I would really love to recruit someone who is up for interacting with me as well as others and people who are fans of this project as well! I definitely will lean more towards casting people who have a friendly personality and are up for getting to know some people! I also have a preference for casting people who are considered 'young' themselves, (high school age / early-mid twenties.) There's a public TMS Discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/nzBJJSv  (Disclaimer - it is NOT a cast server! It is merely for people who enjoy the series to hang out and chat amongst each other. There are children there. Also, please be aware that a lot of the humor said there is dark and not meant to be taken to heart. ALSO! You're more likely to be casted if you join the Discord server so I can see what kind of person you are.) I've noticed that the people there really take well to new voice actors for the characters! It's thanks to the people there that this ad is here! I also have a Youtube channel, which I post content related to TMS as well as completed episodes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsqAi48tobszNetmVFr_y9A 

What exactly am I auditioning for?

You are auditioning to voice a character from my series "The Mark Side." I already have a lot of people casted in this series. I do a lot of random animations at times while I work on the main series just for fun, some of which include voice acting. I will have to say, there may be periods of time of which it seems no progress is being made. This is why I'm looking for someone who I can be both acquainted with and still receive voice work from. I DO NOT HAVE strict recording deadlines at all, and microphone quality needs to be at least clear, but does not have to be "professionally recorded." I'd love to have somebody who I can talk to as both a friend and a client! Please, if you will, join the Discord! It will make your experience a lot more fun and will be easier for me to contact you.

Here are some related links regarding TMS:

Official website: https://www.themarkside.com

IMDB: imdb.com/title/tt7182156/
Wiki: https://the-mark-side.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mark_Side_Wikia

TV Tropes: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WebOriginal/TheMarkSide

Very huge sidenote

I do not make any profit off the production of these episodes. I just produce this series because it has always been an aspiration of mine to create some type of show without being restricted by any executives and whatnot.

Thank you very much for everyone who took the time to read this, and good luck! I really look forward to seeing the auditions! <3

More roles will be added as needed! Call this a masterpost if you will.

About the Creator: saveraedae

Hello, I'm Saveraedae! I used to do a lot of voice acting for fun, but lately I haven't been doing it as much. I probably will not audition for projects anymore, but I know I definitely on occasion will open a project! 

In late 2015, I developed 5 characters who were known as Mark, Leon, Benjamin, Jonathon, and Kenny. Those characters and the supporting ones I created alongside them would soon become characters for my original series, "The Mark Side!" I look forward to publishing new projects and recruiting new voice actors to help bring all of my creations to life! :)

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