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About The Legend of The Table Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Live Show!

Calling all D&D nerds and/or Critical Role Fans!

What: Casting call for our weekly campaign Fortur Fortunes at Twitch.tv/thelegendofthetable !

When: Weekly campaign on Saturday Nights at 10:30EDT/9:30pm CDT/7:30PDT with a rolecall at 10/9/7. There would also be an option to get involved with our other shows that take place on monday/tuesday/friday but this will be discussed at audition.

Our Channel: We are a Diverse cast of LGBTQIA creators in various fields from Indie Game Development, to Voice Acting, Graphic Artists to  Actors, Musicians and now streamers!

We hope you will join us for magical journeys through our main show Friday: Fortur Fortunes.

We stream our TTRPG Stream live Friday and Saturday evenings, we also stream other content like SecondhandStorytime, Magic The Gathering, and TabletopSimulator Throughout the week

You would be joining our level 4 party in the land of fortur https://www.worldanvil.com/w/fortur-the-joyous-queen 

With the potential of also joining our other projects, or hosting your own!

System: DnD 5e is our current system but we are potentially switching to Pathfinder 2e, knowledge of one or the other is required

Audition:  We are looking to find a new member ASAP. Please DM ChloeCat#3096 with- An idea for your character, any background you might have in streaming/acting/your twitter handle or twitch/youtube channel if you have one. We will find a time to have you meet the cast at the first opening. 

Compensation: We currently average a revenue of around 200$/month which isn't enough to pay salaries unfortunately. We hope to do so in the future, and contracts can be negotiated after your audition is approved. To be clear this is much more a collaborative and fun project for our group to all be friends and enjoy dnd, and hopefully one day it turns into much more.

About the Creator: ChloeWright

My name is Chloe Wright and I'm an aspiring Voice Actress as well as a lead Producer and Director at thelegendofthetable.com

I am here to find new and exciting projects to lend my voice to as well as recruit talent for projects I produce such as Fortur Fortunes and Corfae Chronicles!

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