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    About The Legend of M.A.D. [Audio Version] (Alpha Casting)

     (THE IDEA:)

              This Casting Call is a step in the waters for my original book series, which is currently in production. The main goal of this casting is to get a feel for the potential cast of an easy to digest audio book version of the book (or books) down the line. The only reason this is an "Alpha" is because the first book is "finished", yet needs lots of cleanup and additions before I feel comfortable doing more with the content. This project and all projects connected to it are insanely dear to my heart and soul. You may see why I am weary of public eye until the product is in it's final version. 

              Those cast in these roles will not be forgotten by any means. If anything, those who are cast in these roles are likely going to be re-contacted for further installments to the series to keep things consistent. It's a project that can go anywhere and people getting on board would only make it an even more unstoppable train of passion. 

              I will be open to feedback from the cast, as well as being as transparent as is expected of me by said cast. I can't promise an immediate full product to get lines for, at least not right away. Like I stated previously: It is NOT a totally finished product that is only waiting on the casting. So you beautiful voices may have to bare with me as I take the time to get it right. But, either way, I will not go silent to you out of my pure appreciation that you wish to be apart of this. I refuse to let down the people who put faith in this project. 

              (Side Note: Extras and very small roles are not what I'm looking for at the moment. I am only casting for the roles of Lead, Supporting, and Minor for this go through.)

              Anyways, the first book takes place in a fictional world, in a medieval time, with fantasy elements, as well as connections to Greek mythology.  The first book takes place in the continent of Terronia. I have written out a brief, vague summary for the jist and taste of what the story entails.


              Zeus' two mysterious new sons are to be named the guardians of earth, of light and darkness. But a tragic event takes place and the destruction of Olympus and murders of the gods has shook the world. A prophecy that nine humans will obtain the powers of the elements to rescue a living god and destroy a risen threat... Hundreds of years pass as humans begin to advance and develop until the time was right... But the prophecy will not go as planned, for humans are unpredictable and some of these humans may have ulterior motives... The group must come together and travel across all corners of the continent in search of answers about their purpose, getting involved in politics, wars, conflicts, and adventures along the way, changing the world where ever they go. They will meet allies and enemies along the way in this tale of violence and gore, love and friendship, and them not only discovering their purpose, but discovering the cruel truth behind the darkness within the power they possess and the truths of the legends behind it all... 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold