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    About "The Legend of Chara" - An Undertale Animated Series {CLOSED}

    WARNING: Be Prepared For A Lot Of Reading

    Also Know This Information Goes For Both Voice-Actors/Actresses & Any Interested Animators

    P.S. I Know This Makes Me Sound Serious, But I'm Only Getting My Point Across. Trust Me, I Am A Loveable And Hilarious Person. XD


    Hello, everyone. Welcome to the casting-call for "The Legend of Chara". Now, before I get any further into information, know that Chara/Frisk are going to be cast as female roles. I have played "Undertale" myself, and I am aware that the main character (Frisk) is gender-netural, depending on the player's decision. My reason for deciding on...them being a girl, is because I don't want to keep having to use "them" and "they" in the script constantly over and over. So, I hope everyone who auditions is okay with that, and that I DO understand that Frisk has no official gender.


    I know that Chara kind of has a story told for her in the Genocide Route. Now, I have not played that route myself, but have seen others play it. Mainly, this series is about Chara and her origin, based on what I think. There are also other personal theories of mine I am adding in, but they are rather minor compared to Chara's background. 




    3. If you are cast a role, then you need to stay committed, as this is an on-going series

    4. I'm not too picky on what you record with, as long as you are clear-souding/have no static

    5. If you are cast, you must be able to send me .wav or .mp3 files to my email address, I edit using Audacity, so please understand that this is one of the more important rules

    6. I'm looking for actors/actresses, not imitators, even though the voices are not canon, I expect you to act out emotions and not just speak like a robot

    7. The age limit is for ages 13 - 20

    8. There will be profanity (swearing), so you must feel comfortable with that, even though not all the characters will curse

    9. You must turn in lines on time, I have had problems with this in the past, so I'm addressing this issue now, unless it's an emergancy or reason you notified me about before the due-date, your role will be put up for grabs. Do not be afraid to ask me for more time, I don't bite, even though I seem really serious right now.

    10. You are allowed to audition for more than one character, however, you will not be cast for more than one or possibly two roles

    11. HAVE FUN!

    All right, as far as animation goes, if you're interested, all you need to do is show me examples of your work by sending me a link to my email, which will be below.

    If anyone has any questions, animators or voice-actors/actresses, please contact me at [redacted]

    Thank you for reading this to the end, I apologize for everything I made you read, and good luck with your auditions! 

    For those who are cast, I will add you to a Skype Group Chat for the crew/cast and send you to a link where I have a special document letting you know a few extra notes to the series. 

    NOT ALL AUDITION LINES MAY BE USED IN THE SERIES, THE SCRIPTS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS. Also, not every character will be singing, I only ask of you to sing so I know if I want to put a song in for your role. So far, I think the only ones I will definately have singing are Sans, Frisk, Chara, and possibly Papyrus or Toriel. 

    The final thing is that I'm voicing Toriel, but everyone else is completely open.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold