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    About The Imperfectness of Perfection

    RE-RE-EDIT: I extended the date once again because I want more auditions for Older Jeffery and Crowd.

    RE-EDIT: I extended the date again for a couple more characters. I know that the deadline is not very far away, but I need to send out the script pretty soon, so I hope that these roles can have actors soon.

    EDIT: I extended the date to squeeze in some more characters.

    "The Imperfectness of Perfection" is an RPG-style video game being made by my team, Team Gamime (gaa-mih-may). It is about a 16-year-old girl, Elizabeth, fighting for freedom. She lives in a distopian future where people have been geneticly modified to be "perfect." In this world, on every girl's 14th birthday, they are forced to either get married and become a housewife, or become an escort (someone who can be "rented" so people can have their way with them, very similar to a prostitiute). There's also another problem: Elizabeth's bloodline isn't as "perfect" as everyone else's because her great, great, great (etc.) grandmother was a prototype in the genetic modification, thus she is ridiculed (although she would be extremely beautiful and amazing by our standards). Elizabeth chose to become an escort so she could keep her family name, because her mother, Jennifer, was killed by her father, James, when she was 5 years old (in which she witnessed). However, her sister, who was 14 and married at the time, didn't know that it was their father who killed their mother, therefore Elizabeth carries a grudge that her sister, Catherine, doesn't. Adding to this (yes, I know that you're getting tired of hearing how bad Elizabeth has it, I'm sorry), because Catherine looks more like James than Elizabeth does, Catherine was spoiled by and is favoured by him, whereas James doesn't want to recognise Elizabeth as his daughter and treats her more like a servant. Thus, Elizabeth goes on an adventure to find equality.

    I'm going to be playing the roles of Elizabeth and Jennifer.

    Also, if you would like your real name in the credits or not to be credited, please say so once you are casted.

    About the Creator: gamime

    Hi! I am Gamime and I'm aspiring to be a voice actress.

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