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Latoreia's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Gargoyles Saga CLOSED

    "And so it begins Gargoyles chapter two or was it three?" - Brooklyn

    Wow. Like WOW. When I decided to put Gargoyles on Casting Call Club as a project I did not expect people to throw in auditions for it right away.  I was gonna let it sit and check in with it daily, but that didn't happen.

    I love every audition which was put in. The VAs did a wonderful job. 

    I did not have a script, but I am putting one together now. 

    I am turnning a contribution done by fans back in 1997 onwards, into a script. It is a continuation where Hunter's Moon left off. Season 3 of Gargoyles never happen. 

    Many die hard Gargoyles fans put their heart into making the continution. It did not have just one writer.

    Original fan story arcs for this Gargoyles project will also occur, but not right away. Input is greatly encourage if you are a fan, or becoming a fan.

    The project doesn't start if you get cast for a role, but because of the VA's who audition and inquired about it and exclaimed that they can't wait. I am now working on getting the project up and going.

    If you get cast this project won't be something you can easily drop the next second. So please before you put in an audition be sure on whether or not you plan on sticking with it. It is an audio drama, so if you were to suddenly  drop a character and we're five episodes in that could be a problem. Listeners have already recognize your voice as David Xanatos (example). 

    The intro below was done by Seth Jackson and the many people who helped him. They used some of the quotes from Gargoyles and The Goliath Chronicles theme.  It is the theme they came up with for The Gargoyles Saga

    About the Creator: latoreia

    I love audio drama and it is my dream to create several of them. 

    I am currently working on several projects as we speak. 

    Transformers Armada 

    The Flash: Unforgiving Minute

    The Gargoyles Saga 

    I am head of Media Cube Podcast, I handle all auditions, and most scripts. 

    I have only done one project, which was a practice project. No, you will not see that project because it was a practice project. Nothing about it was suppose to be perfect. It was to help me get my feet into the water. 

    Transformers Armada and The Flash: Unforgiving Minute is currently being worked on. I am simply waiting for the VA's to turn their lines in. 

    The Gargoyles Saga is a project I wasn't planning on starting until much later. I was gonna to let it sit for awhile, but seeing how many people remember the show and put in auditions for the characters I'll be working on putting the script together and getting everything that is needed. 

    I do VA, but I'm horrible at it. I have only been on one project. I hope to return to that project in later episodes as extras again. 

    I sometimes help the person in charge of that project find VAs who would be interested in voice acting reoccuring roles. 

    The Flash: Unforgiving Minute and The Gargoyles Saga are two projects that I myself selected to work on. Transformers is a project someone selected base on their interest in the series. So there is a difference. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold