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    About The Fiona Five: A High School Comedy (Original RadioPlay)

    The Fiona Five - Radio series

    The Fiona Five is an original radio series set in Seattle Washington at Olympic High School revolving around a group of popular girls who form a tight knit group around the school's beauty, Fiona Winston. The privileged idol and her four friends are fond of the glamorous life and fashion, always seen in their color coordinated signature gowns and long gloves. When it's time for them to find a new fifth member, an apartment dweller named Kelsey Greenberg is introduced through a blossoming friendship with Ayla Zhen, descending down the rabbit hold that is Fiona's Wonderland. Is Kelsey up to living the high standard lifestyle that Fiona demands of her life?

    The mood of the radioplay is both comedy and romance. You can think MEAN GIRLS or CLUELESS as good examples for this type of story. Lots of high-school type dialog and shenanigans, but also some emotional moments as well. The radio series is told through the character's own voices, taking turns narrating.

    I should mention right off the bat that there is some adult content here, nothing graphic, but adult language (Seven Dirty Words) and some yuri content (meaning some of the characters are lesbians). Again, nothing graphically will have to be acted out or described, but there will be relationships between some of the girls. No likey, no worries, you don't have to read any further.

    So I need the main characters to be voiced as well as some minor characters. This could be an ongoing radio series, but the first thing I want to do is the first episode. Some more characters may be requested, but let's get these characters together first. You'll notice that The Fiona Five are all somewhat modeled after classic actresses of the past, but they don't necessarily have to sound like this. Just a fun thing I added to it.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold