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    About The Deadly Night World of Emma Blaire

    THIS IS A 100% UNPAID PROJECT (I didn't list it as a tournament because this will be an actual project, but there is NO PAY. If you didn't realize (and aren't ok with that) that and auditioned, please comment withdrawling your submission)

    Hello there and welcome to this little mess of a project called 'The Deadly Night World of Emma Blaire'. This is a strictly for fun project that will probably be heard by only 5 people.

    What is 'The Deadly Night World of Emma Blaire'? It is a story that I wrote when I was 11 and posted all over the internet thinking it was this great thing. Let me tell you, its not. It. Is. TERRIBLE. But really funny because it is just that bad. Its like a Twilight / Vampire Diaries love child that includes such wonderful tropes as;

    Brothers fighting over the love of a girl

    Evil hot chick both brothers used to bang

    'Good vampires'

    Jealous bitch

    and Realiable best friend

    So why am I turning this horror of my youth into an Audiobook? Simple. A.) Because I think its funny, and B.) To give as a gift to a friend of mine who, when we were 11, was so in love with this story she made me make a character version of her to put into it.

    I am looking for people who will be able to deliver their lines proffesionally, and with emotion, but also be able to make fun of it. Think overly dramatic. I want to capture how we read it at 11, as this amazing, dramatic love story, and how we read it now, as a collasaul mess. Have fun with it!

    It will be a rather large project, it was actually a 100 page book, and I may do the sequal as well (yes I wrote a sequal because 11 year old me was just that cool)

    Anyway here is a brief synopsis:

    People are dissappearing from Chore City, and ending up dead. Whats going on? Vampires.

    After being attacked and turned, 16 year old Emma Blaire has no recolection of her human life, and with only handsome and mysterious Luke, a vampire set on being good, as her guide, Emma must decide to follow the path of light or dark. 

    I am sure you are thinking 'WOW WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY?!' I know. Sooooo gooood.

    Alright, if you have made it this far, and are planning on auditioning, then I thank you!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold