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Thecode's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Code: A Fallout Quest Mod Project

    The Mod is finished!  Thank you for checking in.

    Release Trailer


    "The Code" is a quest mod in development for Fallout 4.

    This is EijiroTono's first quest mod, his first mod being Duncan's Den (Nexus Link)(Bethesa.net Link), and is co-written by his bestest best gal, Purpleeni.  The Code takes place in three new locations, and is expected to add a couple of hours of game play. The script is fully written, and is presently being implemented into the game. As such, changes to lines may occur. We ask that you please be open to redoing or performing additional lines. Several roles may include strong language, and nearly all roles will include combat lines (which are typically spoken under duress). Please feel free to try out for multiple roles.

    We've included a teaser video showcasing some of the voicework we've already received. A few roles having been cast early in the production of the mod. Please understand that this is a rough representation of the final product.


    You are welcome to contact us on Skype, or via email using the same address:  [redacted]

    Female Roles:

    Cherry Bomb, Mama Maria, Mamie, N, Nancy, SunnyWeizmann (Companion), Wilma

    Non-Human Roles:

    Bo (SuperMutant), Bussard (Robo-brain) 

    Large Roles:

    Bussard (Robobrain), Doc Ross, Sam Bennett (Companion), Weizmann (Companion)

    All Others:

    Bo Banner, Butter, Cleaver, Clive, Conrad, Daryl, Dent, George, Guy,  I, Ira, Jack Wren,  Jim, Jones, K, Luke, M, Oliver, Parker, Paulie, Pete, Philip, Pollo, R, Randall, Richards, Spoon, Stuart, Sutcliffe, Tucker, Tusk, Vernon, Wyatt

    A few roles reference locations, which is most likely one of the following:

    Plum Grove: A pre-war hotel now host to several gangs locked in a power play. 

    Under rail: Beneath Plum Grove is a utility room, with a collapsed wall that leads into a subway system.

    Spencer: A small walled-in community, including farmland and mines.

    *Note: Direction is noted by brackets on some lines.


    ED teaser video

    A few screenshots

    About the Creator: thecode

    Super cool amateur mod author tag-team, developing fan-made material for Fallout 4, circa April 2016.

    Fun fact: If you mixed our favorite colors together, you'd get a pastey gray!

    The best way to contact us is through our project email:  [redacted]

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold