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    About The Clock Shop- Act 2

    Hi, I'm Jacob Baum, the director and writer of the Clock Shop. I'm very proud of this project. We will be performing Act 2 of the show because it falls inn the guidelines of the project I'm doing. I will explain more in detail of the requirements and the description of the show.

    Project Details:

    We will perform Act 2 of the show

    The project is due May 11

    *This is everything you need to know about the project.*

    Project Requirements:

    With your audition,  you must comment your discord and/or your email so I can send you information.

    ***I have a discord server made so we can talk to each other. I will make a group chat using phone numbers so if you do not have a discord, comment your phone number***

    Try your best with your audition.

    You don't need to have any fancy technology as long as your audition sounds good.

    Have fun.

    Project Timeline:

    The Casting Call ends on May 2

    Any other roles left opened will be filled by an online voice over

    If you are cast, you will be sent the script the day casting closes.

     You will have four days to send me an audio file of your parts.

    **The time is so short because I need time to compile the audio.**

    Any audio files sent to me after the due date will be rejected unless I am able to add it in easily.

    Drama Plot:

    The play is about French society during the 18th century and has a side topic of Young Love. The main character is Arthur. He travels to France and establishes his Clock Shop. He gains popularity at France and earns his way to the top of society. In the meantime, he falls in love with someone who has another lover and she falls in love with him. The other lover was so angry he tried to have Arthur killed, but got himself killed in the end. Come along on this adventure through the eyes of a genius, his brother, and a madman.

    My Main Rule:

    Have fun. I know it may seem like I have a lot of rules but that is because my grade depends on it, but my main #1 rule is have fun. Without fun, the project is useless. This is why I created the discord chat. For the cast to mingle and meet each other, but most importantly to have fun. So like I said a hundred times. Have fun.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold