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    About [Test] A manly fandub of Hyperdimension Neptunia (Anime.)

    So, first thing off, I want to swing in. MALES ONLY. This is a males only fandub, and if this turns into a series, it would only be males. And speaking of which, regarding it being a series, this is a test, yes, but if all goes well, and I have no troubles with the cast, i,e; I have no trouble with the lines not being given, or if I'm told to give last minute deadline aheads, that is no trouble, I can replace one or two people of the cast, but I'd rather not, as they've been casted for the reason that I've liked their voice for their characters.

    This video will be a quote on quote "fandub," I say that because of the strange dialogue I put on the script, and the strange way I script, as for putting directions of emotions. It's a mandub, it's a parody, of a fandub, I guess. For examples, there's improv emotions that I'd like the voice actors to do, which is why I put those strange directions for the lines in there. This so said mandub isn't something I expect to be much, but I thought it would be fun to do this short little scene.I have the script for the fandub, and if anything turns into a series, it'd only be a "parody-dub" like this, but of the manga for Neptunia, "Choujigen Game Neptune - Hello New World," or some scenes from the game, Re;birth 1. If we're all good with each other, and I have a good time, and everyone else has a good time, and they agree with this, we could possibly have a short one shot, but one shots are a lot of work, so are abridges, so we're definitely never going to abridge this anime, or the game, (maybe.) 

    If we decide to do a one shot, or a fandub of the manga/game, I'll make a full casting call for those, and the chacters we'll need. But again, all of this depends on the feedback we get, from the cast, from myself, and from viewers as well. 

    And finally, now to the "rules" of this project, and the possible future projects. Please give me your contact information, before, when, or after auditioning, so I can contact you, and get to you easily, instead of having to wait for you, for a month! Please have a decent microphone, and not something of poopy quality! I can deal with some noise, but no manjor BANG noises or anything like rumbling, I want to use noise removal, but sometimes it sounds bad, if the background noise is too loud. And finally, the most important, TURN IN YOUR LINES, BEFORE OR ON THE DEADLINE! Hopefully, before, so we can get the video done quicker, and upload! No one wants  to wait a month because you're fapping at Costco.

    (And yeah, Plutia/Iris is taken by me.)

    Well, here's the scene that we're dubbing, if you're curious.

    About the Creator: kojie2u

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold