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The Torn Wings's Previously Completed Works

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    About Survey Corporations

    We are still looking for these four roles to be filled! Please send in your auditions if you're interested!

    If you are interested in doing sprite art, or background art please email us at [redacted]!

    The basis of the plot line takes place in modern day times. The year is 2015 and Eren has just recently graduated college. For the first few months he has taken a job at a local cafe named Titanus. This cafe works across from a well known corporation titled Survey Corporations.

    Eren does not know what they do nor does he want to know,  but after a catastrophic during his night shift he is wound up into the reality of ‘Earth’. He finds himself working for Survey Corporations with a deadly partner and facing transformations in his own being.

    This audio play incorporates many super human and supernatural elements from around the world– be it from anime, or mythology it will most likely appear sooner or later in the series.

    This audio play will be rated T for teens. There will be sexual content at some point, deaths, body deformation, gore, and inhuman ways of torture.

    Within the audio play there will be some couples because of what type of setting they’re put in, and we ask that you respect our choices or pairing. OC’s will have a poll of who they will be shipped with once they are introduced.

    I, Director Linny, thank you for taking the time to read this page and hope that you will enjoy our productions in the near future!

    For the audition portion, we will have two types. One will be via email, and the other will be from Castingcall.club and behindthevoiceactors.com. Below there will be an entire cast list of who and what the characters will be portraying in this audio play, so that when you audition you’ll get a feel. Again, any questions please go ahead and send us an ask!

    You will have a choice of which one to do and please mind that you ONLY PICK ONE from the two choices. We wish to not be over flooded with auditions.

    All auditions must read the google doc prepared below for format, requirements, and the DEADLINE.

    Once you read the guidelines, then you may pick to either email us your audition or submitting your audition to casting call club or behind the voice actors (if you have one).

    Thank you for reading this and we are excited to hear your voices!

    Google Doc Link ~ https://docs.google.com/document/d/12Fk9FZFFlw6CvTXoXNiQC2D1ANs24AkpwirwldG92f0/edit?pli=1

    Please remember that if there are characters that you don’t see hon the auditions page that there WILL be another audition for the next season where they will most likely make an appearance!

    Characters and their Roles

    Eren Jaeger:Agent of Survey Corporations: Hunter

    Mikasa Ackerman: Vampire

    Armin Arlert:Scientist/Researcher

    Jean Kirstien:Agent of Survey Corporations: Hunter

    Marco Bot:Ghoul

    Reiner Braun:Frankenstein

    Bertl Hoover:Slenderman

    Annie Leonhardt: Ann the Ripper

    Ymir: Werecat

    Krista Lenz:Agent of Survey Corporations: Nurse/Weapons specialist

    Connie Springer: Devil

    Sasha Blouse: Goddess in Training (Goddess of Harvesting)

    Erwin Smith:Incubus & Undercover Co-Commander

    Levi:Hollow/Former Shinigami

    Hanji Zoe: Corpse Reanimator (Mad Scientist)

    Keith Shadis:Survey Corporations Commander

    Carla Jaeger: Werewolf (Shifter)

    Grisha Jaeger:Retired Agent of Survey Corporations

    Petra Ral:Agent of Survey Corporations: Information specialist

    Gunther:Agent of Survey Corporations: Medic Specialist

    Erd: Agent of Survey Corporations: Hunter

    Oluo:Agent of Survey Corporations: Tamed Dragon

    Farlan: Agent of Survey Corporations: Tamed Demon

    Isabel:Agent of Survey Corporations: Tamed Phoenix

    Rico Brzenska: Magician of Light

    Mike Zacharius: Agent of Survey Corporations: Tamed Werewolf

    Ilse Langer: Magician of Chaos (Darkness)

    Nanaba: Warrior of the Gods

    Kenny Ackerman: The Shadow Man


    Zero/Zyle Ackerman: Voodoo Doll(Under Kenny’s Control)

    Shiloh: The Ghost in the Mirror

    Vinnian: Agent of Survey Corporations: Forensics Specialist | Possessed by the Fierce Deity

    About the Creator: the-torn-wings

    Amateur Voice Actor. Director of the Audio Play; Attack on Android and Survey Corporations

    Leader of the Vox Populi Project group.

    Tumblr: theunexplainableone.tumblr.com & voxpopuliproject.tumblr.com

    Email: [redacted] OR [redacted]

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