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About Super Smash Bros. Master War (Voice Role page)

NOTE: I like how we're getting lots of voice roles but people should also apply for other stuff too. Check this link for the other audition page. https://www.castingcall.club/projects/super-smash-bros-master-war-other-role-page 

NOTE #2: This is not a Machinima. If you were expecting this to be a Machinima, it's not. Just letting you know before you accidentally get yourself into it, only realizing it's not a Machinima.

NOTE #3: The deadline has now been pushed back to September 2, 2020. A separate page for other roles will be created. https://www.castingcall.club/projects/super-smash-bros-master-war-other-role-page 

"We'll show them what we're here for- to end this Master War!"

Based on the hit video game series Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Master War documents a continuing narrative of the adventures of Nintendo's all-stars as they fight in a long-lasting war against Master Hand and his devastating army of darkness. An epic of action, drama, comedy, and just all things Super Smash Bros. as a new spin is brought on the characters we all know and love. The series will be posted on YouTube.


Hey guys! I'm Noah Biondi, and I'm working on a new series called Super Smash Bros. Master War, which will be an adaptation of the immensely popular Super Smash Bros. video game series. I'm on the lookout for people willing to apply for the cast and crew for season 1 of the series, and if all turns out well and everyone likes it and wants to continue, I'll enroll us for some more seasons! And who knows, if you guys like collaborating with me, we could even be on more projects!

Anyone is able to join, and in order to plan things out I will have a Discord server open for discussion, ideas, planning, and just hanging out!

I am looking for people who are passionate about animation and voice acting, and are willing to work FOR FREE. My series is not budgeted; I don't have the money for fancy-schmancy equipment so if everyone pitches in, that would be awesome! (Also it kind of has to be nonprofit; it's based on a pre-existing game series and we can't really make money off of it unless we get the rights to it, and that's really hard. Just pray and hope Nintendo doesn't screw us over.) Because of COVID-19 we'll have to do production remotely, which is fine. I'm an introvert myself, and I don't really feel like getting together with a bunch of strangers.

Tell everyone you know about Super Smash Bros. Master War!


The deadline for auditions is September 2nd, 2020. That's plenty of time, don't worry. I'll extend this deadline if not enough people sign up for a specific field.

NOTE: The roles of Mario, Dr. Mario, Zelda, Sheik, Marth, Sonic, Crazy Hand, and Wii Fit Trainer have already been claimed pre-line auditions.

Anyone not listed in the character role selection either:

A. Has no speaking lines

B. Is played by pre-existing audio effects and noises


Expect a very warm welcome by me and the rest of the crew already on board with the series. We are very kind and love to socialize and accepting of everyone! We'll talk plenty of production and process and stuff like that, but... we'll also talk casually during our downtime! I'll be available whenever you need, don't worry. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed out during production, I'll be accepting and understanding.

We communicate through Discord. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, you can still audition, don't worry! Just create a Discord account to communicate with us.


1. Have fun. This will only be an enjoyable experience if we're all enjoying ourselves and our company. Bringing together talent from tons of different people is an awesome idea, and an even more awesome thing is if we're all enjoying ourselves.

2. When it comes to recording, we preferably suggest a microphone or clean recording. You don't need fancy-schmancy microphones or audio equipment or anything like that, just as long as the recording is clean and clear, we're all fine. Don't add any effects to your voice, we'll leave that to the sound design. Again, submit your audio files to ([redacted]) via .wav or .mp3 file as one individual file. Re-dos will be offered if I feel the recording is not done well or if I think it could be improved.

3. Since I am doing multiple seasons, please stick around. If you are unable or are taken out by emergency, that's totally okay. If I feel multiple seasons will be too much of a hassle, I'll scrap it entirely, though I am hoping for at least 3 seasons.

4. Have a passion and knowledge (or at least a basic understanding) of Super Smash Bros. If you're unfamiliar with the franchise, then it's best you don't work on this.


I am Noah Biondi (AKA The Nandolorian on my YouTube channel), and I am willing to create content and tell stories in powerful and entertaining ways. Creating different things and collaborating with many different passionate actors, animators, and filmmakers will be a great way to expand my ability of filmmaking knowledge.

About the Creator: The Nandolorian

"Performing may be a career, but it's a passion of mine."

I am Noah Biondi, AKA The Nandolorian. I wanna become a voice actor and I'm also experienced in writing and editing.

I'm working on Super Smash Bros. Master War, an anime series based on the Super Smash Bros. video game series.

All my projects are nonprofit.

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