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About SeleneKim_VA

Heya there, my name is Selene. Please keep reading if you 1. want to hire a VA or singer 2. want to audition for my projects 3. just want to get to know me! (Thank you)

1. People who want to hire me

Voice range: Female child ~ Female teen (around 10 ~16)

Singing range: Soprano, alto (I am able to sing in all the voices that I will audition for)

Things I will voice/sing for - Gacha series, Minecraft (both Java and bedrock)VAs, Games... just about anything! but I will love to be a part of a musical too! (ahem ahem) Cursing in both voicing and singing is fine! 

2. people who are auditioning for my project

Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy every single part of it! All of the projects are by Moonlight studios! 

Our videos will be posted in both Youtube and Tiktok. All content animated by me will be posted to both Moonlight Studios Official and My own channel. Other things, such as SMPs, and other animations will only be posted on Moonlight Studios Official. When you audition as any role, you are acknowledging the fact that your voice/animation or just about anything will get posted on these channels. 

When you are casted, I will be reaching out to you via Discord.  Then, you will be invited to the Moonlight Studios Official channel. 

if I hit 50 followers, I will open a bit of the Official server and there, you can get first hand notices about uploads, sneekpeeks, any auditions, and meet the VAs. Yayyyy


It really doesn't matter.

What SeleneKim_VA is looking for

What I will voice for : I am mostly looking forward to voice female child and teens and also sing for them. I will gladly take musicals or theme song singers too. I am able to sing in all the voices I am voice acting in. Cursing in both songs and voice lines are alright.