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About Sugar Stars

Sugar Stars [Working Title]

Sweet stars is a short project for Yuri Jam that I'm intending on finishing Act one within 2-3 weeks maximum. It will be released publicly on itch.io for free. It follows primarily three girls in a pastel, sweets themed world, each having their own dessert / food themed identity. The gameplay is planned to be half point-and-click adventure and half tycoon / simulation / strategy where the primary money-raising system is to help run a cafe during the day. I hope to build a game that can be enjoyed by anyone and to create healthy portrayals of the in-game romances. The primary message is set to be on communication, perspective and change.

As Reyna's hands grazed the waters of Konpeito bay, she replayed the final moments in her mind before her memories come to an end. Who was she running from? Why was she running? Who WAS she? In a town torn apart by the corrupt rulings of the queen, Rey comes across the rebels-- a group of thieves and rogue townies masquerading as baristas. When she realizes what the rebels have to lose, can Rey help them save the town from conflict before it's too late?

Note 1 :
If you know me, please do not link this page publicly in association with my other projects. This is a minor project that I don't want my project followers to know about just yet. ;;

The story and world are meant to be a contrast as the bright / pastel world vs a not-so-bight story. There are some heavy themes such as losing identity, social struggle and political corruption (To a degree). The game isn't meant to reflect a specific real life strife though it is an allegory for social control and the problems when people forget to listen. 
The game is also a GL game and features LGBT characters and characters of colour. Please assume all main or supporting characters somehow have romantic involvement with another female character unless otherwise stated <3 Rudeness or hatred will not be tolerated. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold