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    About The Fallen Sun WARRIOR CATS AU

    This is a project i am going to be working on.

    Any age allowed - as long as you have atleast a half decent mic.

    This project i will be doing is for the purpose of improving skills for me, And for voice actors out there! and i also think this would turn out great! and i have passion for those who are trying to grow, Like me!

    This warrior cats au is about how all the warrior cats were forced to live in darkness after the dark forest cats won over starclan, here is how it goes:

    One upon a time, there was a special kittypet named rusty, destined to be the future leader of thunderclan. He grew to be a loyal cat, but he had his flaws.

    Until, he turned leader. He changed the clans to peace - but then bloodclan came.

    Tigerstar had brang a extra clan, bloodclan - to help rule the forest

    Firestar saw the two get into a fight, but he was at risk to spare tigerstar’s life. He leaped in front before scourge sliced open tigerstar, and sliced him instead.

    Storm clouds covered the night, turning it into a storm. Tigerstar ran into the city, so did bloodclan, as they still lost.

    Thunderclan had no leader, no deputy, and no medicine cat.

    This was when the clan was in trouble.

    Starclan was forced to fight dark forest since this was included in this alternate universe that if

    A clan is fallen, starclan must take action to help save the fallen clan.

    But, there was a traitor in starclan, ashfur - who worked with the dark forest to be able to gain power in the dead clans. They agreed and slaughtered the starclan cats - they did so and took the sun away from the forest cats.

    Now, the sun has fallen forever. And whom cats die, are forced to stay in the forest with the curse of the dark forest cats - Anything that holds the clans together, Codes, Alliances, Proper prey! Are gone.

    But, to pay the price, they send in cats to give them a chance at earning their sun, and their freedom back.

    “River, Red, And light - will give you a chance to earn the sun.”

    Of course, any cats from the books who didnt die yet will be included in the books.

    Hope ya enjoy!

    Ask me any questions in the comments.

    Expect the same quality content as in my channel

    Mention your discord user please ^-^ If you dont, thats fine. we can still keep in contact here!

    About the Creator: Foop Stancult

    bird go oompa loompa

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold