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Starship Aleria's Previously Completed Works

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About Starship Aleria - Erotic Audio Series

Hello Voice Actors!

What is Starship Aleria?

Starship Aleria is an upcoming serialized audio production depicting the lives and exploits of the dedicated and feisty crew serving on the intergalactic research vessel Aleria.  This series is an erotic, mature orientated Audio Drama Podcast. Each story and episode details fun, exciting, and provocative scenarios that the crew find themselves in as they try to balance their work life, duties, and most importantly of all, play time!  

What is the format of the show?

The story of Starship Aleria will progress as a continuous, ongoing series.  Episodes will come out every 2 to 3 weeks.  Each episode will be between 8 - 15 minutes.  

Speaking Roles

There are two main types of roles for Starship Aleria, the main characters and supporting cast.  The main characters will be featured in multiple episodes throughout the series as the story progresses.  The supporting cast will be featured in a single episode, or perhaps have small roles spread over several shows.  

Many of the roles open for auditions will come with several pages of dialogue, often times including at least one scene revolving around a sexual and erotic nature.  

Erotic Content

Each episode of Starship Aleria contains adult situations and erotic themes.  Multiple variations of sex acts will be explored between the main characters and the supporting cast.  

Voice Actors filling these roles must be willing to read out suggestive and sexual dialogue, as well as creating life-like sounds to simulate the erotic actions of the characters!  These can include sexual groans and grunts, dirty talk, as well as certain lewd mouth noises to make the listener feel like they are right there in the scene.  

Above all Actors are encouraged to have fun with their roles, and are invited to come up with improvisational lines that they come up with in the heat of the moment.


Many of the main roles of Starship Aleria will be paid roles.  The payment listed for each role may be increased for standout performances.  Also returning or recurring roles will have the chance to be paid at a higher rate, as it shows there is a demand for more of that character and voice actor from the listeners!  If you would like to negotiate payment please feel free to get in contact with the team of Starship Aleria by sending us a message!  


To learn more about the project and read backstory on all the characters please visit our website:

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